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XBLAH's Modding Tool - Decompiling Models

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Note.pngNote:This tutorial was written for XBLAH's Modding Tool XBLAH's Modding Tool v1.18.2. Please be aware that subsequent updates might have introduced alterations in terminologies, introduced novel features, or reorganized certain elements within the interface.

Decompiling a Model

Compiled models for GoldSrc GoldSrc and Source Source can be decompiled through the XBLAH's Modding Tool XBLAH's Modding Tool. The tool will list all the mounted models, both the loose files and the ones inside the VPKs. You will be able to decompile the models without having to extract them beforehand.

Accessing the feature

This can be accessed within the tool via Custom IconTop Menu > Models > Decompile.

Decompiling a model

Select the File.mdl you want to decompile.

The decompiled models will be saved under 🖿content/modelsrc/decompiled as loose files.

Supported Games

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