Weapon brickbat

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This entity is Obsolete. Its use is discouraged, and it may only exist/function in older engine branches.

This unfinished weapon was scrapped before Half-Life 2 was finally released. Left-over Half-Life 2 source code shows that there were to be two ammo types for this weapon: a rock and a beer bottle. The source code shows that there was originally to be a view model for each throwing item. At least three models are missing for this weapon.

It is also in the source code commented that the ammo-handling code was 'a bit bogus', and needed a real solution if the brickbats were going to live to be released in Half-Life 2. The code was obviously not improved enough to make it.

In the beta files, the Brickbat was essentially just the player's hands which were used to throw various heavy objects. These included: rocks, bottles, heads, and fast headcrabs. The Brickbat's code was used as the base for the molotov cocktail weapon before both weapons were cut from the final release.