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Below is a list of requests for the wiki.

Update the wiki software

Fairly simple request. All we ask is that the wiki is updated from MediaWiki 1.31.10 (outdated and unsupported from security updates) to the current latest version, or the long-term support (LTS) version (currently it is 1.39.x as of 2023).


Appoint active or trusted users as administrators or moderators so that the wiki can be moderated on a regular basis.

New file formats to upload


Add SVG, which is the default in any wiki. SVG have better scaling than PNG as it's vector-based, which improves quality and benefits both lower-DPI displays and any High-DPI displays (very common on 4K-8K displays aswell as some Android phones and Apple devices with Retina displays).
Optionally, allow support for WebP and AVIF (AV1) image, if possible, for better bandwidth usage compared to PNG and JPG. Some file formats are only supported by using MediaWiki extensions or by upgrading to latest version of MediaWiki.


Just add OGG, which is the default in any wiki.


Add the WebM format. This will reduce the size of files for demonstrating entities, and will also allow embedding tutorials, game trailers, and much more. Also, add unofficial support for Steam Videos / Steam Media, and additionally, adding support for embedding YouTube videos by using Extension:YouTube.

New Skin

A slightly modified Vector sucks: blurry stretched images in categories, unreadable text in some places and much more annoying stuff.

Not so long ago, the development of a Monobook-based skin (at an early stage of development and requires wiki version 1.38.0 and higher) began, which would repeat the current wiki, but fix everything that was not fixed by its owners.

Sidenote on formatting

Also, Wikipedia ([[Wikipedia:Page_name]] or [[w:Page_name]]) and MediaWiki ([[mw:Page_name]]) links that have been visited are currently rendered in default purple, unlike visited local and external links, which use a different shade of blue. This can be difficult to read on the dark backgrounds, as it can result in links that look like this: Wikipedia:Gabe Newell. Such links are frequently used to refer to further information on topics that aren't covered by the scope of this wiki.


  • Allow our JavaScript userspace files to work.
  • If userspace JavaScript files work, then add jQuery.



  • Add Wikimedia Commons as a interwiki prefix in Special:Interwiki.
  • Allow our userspace CSS files to work
  • Allow us to automate processes and create our own bots.
  • Changes the favicon (the icon that was displayed on the browser) to higher-res version, which would scale and look better on most 4K displays and Apple's retina displays.
  • Change the SDK Help Forums link on the Sidebar to (Steam Community Discussions for Source SDK), as the original Steam forums has been shut down. Aswell adding Half-Life SDK to the list. Also add Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools (first move the draft page to the main before that) to the Sidebar when it's get publicly released. The text for "Half-Life: Alyx Tools" is also missing a space.
  • Change <syntaxhighlight> to enable us to change things such as background color by removing it from a <pre> element (porting from Wikipedia, optionally with a dark background, would be enough to satisfy us!)
  • add Draft as a namespace
  • Let us edit Common.css. Even if you don't do any of the things suggested above, Common.css is enough to make us happy for the rest of our lives.

Bugs needed to fix