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VTEX is the proprietary texture format use by the Source 2 engine. The VTEX format includes a .vtex source file that describes how to compile the texture, and the actual compiled .vtex_c texture file.

For most uses the .vtex_c file is compiled automatically by the tools, and no .vtex source file is generated. In some cases, such as when creating sprites for particle effects or textures for env_cubemap_fog and env_gradient_fog, no automated tool exists and the .vtex file has to be created manually.

Blank image.pngTodo: Mention dds2vtex somewhere.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:While certain shaders support non-power-of-two textures, Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2's Workshop uploader doesn't properly handle such textures.

Source file format

The .vtex file is a DMX file usually created in the keyvalues2_noids text format. It describes how to compile a texture from a set of image inputs. Placing a .vtex file in the content directory of the current add-on will cause the tools to compile it when referenced.

Template file

<!-- dmx encoding keyvalues2_noids 1 format vtex 1 -->
	"m_inputTextureArray" "element_array" 
			"m_name" "string" "InputTexture0"
			"m_fileName" "string" "materials/my_textures/my_texture.png"
			"m_colorSpace" "string" "srgb"
			"m_typeString" "string" "2D"
			"m_imageProcessorArray" "element_array" 
					"m_algorithm" "string" "None"
					"m_stringArg" "string" ""
					"m_vFloat4Arg" "vector4" "0 0 0 0"
	"m_outputTypeString" "string" "2D"
	"m_outputFormat" "string" "DXT1"
	"m_outputClearColor" "vector4" "0 0 0 0"
	"m_nOutputMinDimension" "int" "0"
	"m_nOutputMaxDimension" "int" "0"
	"m_textureOutputChannelArray" "element_array" 
			"m_inputTextureArray" "string_array" [ "InputTexture0" ]
			"m_srcChannels" "string" "rgba"
			"m_dstChannels" "string" "rgba"
			"m_mipAlgorithm" "CDmeImageProcessor"
				"m_algorithm" "string" "Box"
				"m_stringArg" "string" ""
				"m_vFloat4Arg" "vector4" "0 0 0 0"
			"m_outputColorSpace" "string" "srgb"
	"m_vClamp" "vector3" "0 0 0"
	"m_bNoLod" "bool" "0"

File data format

Note.pngNote: The lists may be incomplete.

The .vtex file is structures as a CDmeVtex list with arrays for CDmeInputTexture input textures and CDmeTextureOutputChannel output channel sets.

CDmeVtex root keys

Attribute Type Description
m_inputTextureArray element_array Array of CDmeInputTexture entries describing each input image.
m_textureOutputChannelArray element_array Array of CDmeTextureOutputChannel entries describing sets of output channels.
m_outputTypeString string Type of texture to generate.
m_outputFormat string Image data format to generate.
m_outputClearColor vector4 Initial color before input textures are applied to the output.
m_nOutputMinDimension int The minimum size of a side of the output texture in pixels .
m_nOutputMaxDimension int The maximum size of a side of the output texture in pixels.
m_nOutputDimensionReduce int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_vClamp vector3 Whether to clamp the S, T and U coordinates respectively.
m_bNoLod bool Disables Level of Detail.
m_bHiddenAssetFlag bool Marks the output file as a hidden asset.
m_bCreateLinearColorSpaceApiTexture bool Blank image.pngTodo:

m_nDisplayRectWidth int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_nDisplayRectHeight int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_nMotionVectorsMaxDistanceInPixels int Blank image.pngTodo:

CDmeInputTexture keys

Attribute Type Description
m_name string Name to refer to this input by.
m_fileName string Filename for the input image.
m_colorSpace string Image color space: linear or srgb
m_fileExt string Blank image.pngTodo:

m_nMinBitsPerChannel int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_typeString string Type of input texture.
m_imageProcessorArray element_array Array of image processor algorithms to apply to the input.
m_bPassThroughToCompiledVtex bool Pass through the input image directly to the texture file?
m_n3DSliceCount int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_n3DSliceWidth int Blank image.pngTodo:

m_n3DSliceHeight int Blank image.pngTodo:

CDmeTextureOutputChannel keys

Attribute Type Description
m_srcChannels string Specifies the used channels of the input texture and their order: r, g, b and a
m_dstChannels string Specifies what channels of the output textures map to the specified input channels: r, g, b and a
m_mipAlgorithm CDmeImageProcessor Image processor algorithm to use for mipmap generation.
m_outputColorSpace string Output color space: linear or srgb
m_inputTextureArray string_array Array of input textures by their m_name keys.

CDmeImageProcessor keys

Attribute Type Description
m_algorithm string What algorithm to use for this image processor.
m_stringArg string Algorithm specific argument.
m_vFloat4Arg vector4 Algorithm specific argument.

Texture types

Format Description
1D One dimensional texture.
2D Two dimensional texture.
3D Three dimensional volumetric texture.
1DARRAY Array of one dimensional textures.
2DARRAY Array of two dimensional textures.
3DARRAY Array of three dimensional volumetric textures.
CUBE Single cubemap texture with a cross layout.
CUBEARRAY Array of cubemap sides.

Image data formats

Format Description
DXT1 Standard RGB block compression (also known as BC1)
DXT5 Standard RGBA block compression (also known as BC3)
ATI1N Single-channel (greyscale) block compression (also known as BC4)
ATI2N Two-channel block compression (also known as BC5)
BC6H HDR block compression
BC7 High quality RGB or RGBA block compression (not in Dota 2)
I8 Uncompressed greyscale
IA88 Uncompressed greyscale with alpha

Image processor algorithms

These algorithms can be added to an input m_imageProcessorArray.

Algorithm Description
None Do nothing.
Inverse Invert the image channels.
NormalizeNormals Normalize the vectors of a normal map to have a length of 1.
FillToPowerOfTwo Fill the texture to the nearest power of two size.
FillToMultipleOfFour Fill the texture to the nearest multiple of two size.
EncodeRGBM Encode a HDR texture to RGBM: RGB with a multiplier in the alpha channel.
Mod2XCenter Blank image.pngTodo:

HeightToNormal Generate a normal map from a height map.
DilateColorInTransparentPixels Blank image.pngTodo:

ConvertToYCoCg Convert the channels to the YCoCg color model.

Mipmap processor algorithms

One of these algorithms can be selected as the mip processing algorithm for the output.

Algorithm Description
None Output without mipmaps.
Box Standard box filtered mipmaps.
Nice Use Source 1 NICE filtered mipmaps.
BoxInverse Standard box filtered mipmaps with inverted colors.
MultiplyNoMip Multiply two input textures together.
MultiplyBox Multiply two input textures together, with box filtering mipmaps.
Blank image.pngTodo: Used for transparency masks and color in the same texture.
Blank image.pngTodo: Regular tangent space normal maps?
AnisoNormal Blank image.pngTodo:

AnisoNormalRoughness Blank image.pngTodo:

AnisoRoughness_RG Blank image.pngTodo:

HemiOctAnisoRoughness Used with hemi-octahedron normal maps and anisotropic roughness maps packed into the RB and GA channels respectively.
HemiOctIsoRoughness_RG_B Used with hemi-octahedron normal maps and regular isotropic roughness maps packed into the RB and G channels respectively.
HemiOctAnisoRoughness_RG_BA Blank image.pngTodo:

GGXCubeMapBlur Blur cubemap mips to use for variable roughness reflections with the GGX BRDF.
GGXCubeMapBlur_RGBM Blur cubemap mips to use for variable roughness reflections with the GGX BRDF. For RGBM encoded textures.
RGBM Generate mips for RGBM encoded textures.
Mip2DGradient Blank image.pngTodo:

PreserveCoverage Blank image.pngTodo:

MipDepth Blank image.pngTodo:

MipHeight Blank image.pngTodo:

MipWidth Blank image.pngTodo:

AutoLevels Blank image.pngTodo:

WrapGaussian Blank image.pngTodo:

HeightCombine Blank image.pngTodo:

Compiled file format

Blank image.pngTodo:

The compiled .vtex_c format can be extracted with the third party tool Source 2 Viewer Source 2 Viewer.

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