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I'm an experienced mapper with the Half-Life engine, worked on mods such as UP and NNC, and I am currently working on a TC.

Currently attending University of Ballarat studying "Bachelor of Applied Computer - Games Technologies" and helping teach "Certificate IV in Information Technology - Games".

Wiki Contributions

Mod Experience

  • <Half-Life> Uncrossable Parallel - Head Mapper, Technical Mapping Expert
  • <Half-Life> Naruto Ninja Chronicles - Mapper
  • <Half-Life> Half-Life Rally - Beta Tester
  • <Half-Life> Bloodhound: A Detective Story - Art Director, Head Mapper
  • <Half-Life 2> D'ni Legacy: Source - Level Design


Deathmatch Classic

Half-Life Rally

Naruto Ninja Chronicles

Uncrossable Parallel



Steam Locomotive


Zevensoft Terrain Generator

ZTG is a terrain generation program, which takes a basic black and white bitmap, and turns it into a MAP file, ready for editing in the Half-Life editing program, Valve Hammer. The first version of ZTG was fairly buggy, and was written in my first year of programming. ZTG 1.5 was the breakthrough version of ZTG. With it, I added a 3D, shaded, preview of the terrain being edited. This was also the first time ZTG had ever been used in an official map, being used to create the terrorist spawn in the map de_chateau by MacMan. Version 1.5 also added many user-friendly features, such as a built-in editor, and terrain processing functions. In development now, ZTG 3 will be the next big thing in terrain generation. Supporting a whole new interface, scripting support, and hardware acceleration, ZTG3 will provide all of your terrain generating and editing needs.

Download ZTG 1.9.1

Half-Life Rally Track Creator

The HLR Track Creator takes a basic overhead plan view of a track (created using the mouse) and can apply smoothing, and then export that track to .MAP format.

Half-Life Rally Content Delivery System

The HLR Content System enables users to not only update their base installation with the latest files, but also allows the user to choose optional upgrade packs to install, for example extra maps, models, or even gameplay modifications.



  • zevensoft @ googles email service.