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Hello. My nickname is Ravu al Hemio, I am a young (* 1990) software engineer originating from Prague, Czech Republic and currently living in Vienna, Austria.

An introduction (attempt)

I am an avid Linux fan and Open Source proponent participating in a few projects such as SuperTux. Since Open Source Software comes hand-in-hand with open documentation, I have a given preference for wikis and therefore a user account at the Wikipedia.

Grateful to people like Alfred Reynolds who care about Linux enough to port a dedicated server, I still pertain a level of dislike for the Microsoft bias that seems to be ruling the halls of Valve and questioning of the platform-independence advertised in descriptions of Source engine components such as VGUI. I'm not sure about the modularity of Source, but already the fact that exclusively Direct3D is used for rendering doesn't have the scent of platform-independence to me.

I bought the Sierra Gold Series edition of Half-Life back in mid-2003 and received Half-Life 2 along with Counter-Strike: Source for Christmas 2003. Once I registered Half-Life with Steam, I received the host of expansions to Half-Life such as Counter-Strike, Opposing Force, Ricochet and, later on, Blue Shift. I am, to the contrary of most of the people flaming the Steam Forums (if you want more intelligent conversation, you should rather run off to the Valve mailing lists), quite happy with Steam and the comfort it brings to me, even though the need for an Internet connection and the lack of a Linux version and a commandline option to boot straight into offline mode still are a pain in the lower extremities of my back.

If you have endured as far as here reading this biography, I thank you very much. Now, you can get to see a few of the little things I have managed to do over time.


I currently just lurk around, see if there is something to fix or clear up... basically your common WikiGnome stuff.