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Warning.png Warning:  it's pretty pointless, and not recommended now...

Disable Steam integration


Add the define "NO_STEAM" in : CLIENT project's properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Preprocessor->preprocessor Definition That's essentially what the programmers had planned to turn off steam integration. But, it doesn't work like it should...

You need to replace one line of the "src\game\client\swarm\vgui\nb_lobby_row.cpp" file :

at line 484 :

	pMainPanel->m_FlyoutSteamID = Briefing()->GetCommanderSteamID( m_nLobbySlot ).ConvertToUint64();

Replace with this :

//PsyCommando : Fix compile for no steam, I hope that's not important!
#ifndef NO_STEAM
		pMainPanel->m_FlyoutSteamID = Briefing()->GetCommanderSteamID( m_nLobbySlot ).ConvertToUint64();

For this to work in the latest codebase, in date of August 2 2010, 2 lines must be fixed in the file "src\game\client\swarm\asw_medal_store.cpp"

Replace Line 54 with this :

    AssertMsg( false, "SteamCloud not available." ); //<--Line 54
    //psycommando : Fix for NO_STEAM
    char szMedalFile[ 256 ];
    Q_snprintf( szMedalFile, sizeof( szMedalFile ), "cfg/clientc.dat");

Replace Line 332 with this :

    //psycommando : Fix for NO_STEAM
#ifdef NO_STEAM
    Q_snprintf( szMedalFile, sizeof( szMedalFile ), "cfg/clientc.dat" );
	Q_snprintf( szMedalFile, sizeof( szMedalFile ), "cfg/clientc_%I64u.dat", pSteamUser->GetSteamID().ConvertToUint64() );

Update 2

Here is how to fix the menu when NO_STEAM is activated. To override that annoying feature just comment the following lines :

  • "src\game\client\swarm\gameui\swarm\vmainmenu.cpp" - Line 1037
	//if ( !g_pMatchFramework->GetMatchSystem()->GetPlayerManager()->GetLocalPlayer( 0 ) ) //psycommando : disable fake menu
	//	pSettings = "Resource/UI/BaseModUI/MainMenuStub.res";
Warning.png Warning:  Even though the menu will appear as usual, commands that calls the "matchmaking.dll" dll seems to fail, that means every default menu buttons that starts a game, as well as the single player tutorial, will crash the game. However you can still use the console command "map" to load maps just fine. Or you can re-code each buttons.


Ok, next on, we set NO_STEAM on the server, we do the same thing we did on the client, in the server's project properties. So add NO_STEAM to the SERVER project's properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Preprocessor->preprocessor Definition

Now, there's a debugging macro left by valve that for some reason has code to access the steam api in it...

"src\public\engine\thinktracecounter.h" - Line 39

Replace this :

static bool bIsPublic = steamapicontext->SteamUtils() != NULL && steamapicontext->SteamUtils()->GetConnectedUniverse() == k_EUniversePublic;

with this :

            #ifndef NO_STEAM
				static bool bIsPublic = steamapicontext->SteamUtils() != NULL && steamapicontext->SteamUtils()->GetConnectedUniverse() == k_EUniversePublic;
                static bool bIsPublic = false;

Another ugly fix. Just recompile your code, and then that's it, at least it work for me...