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I am a Cristian source Level designer dabbling in image creation (with The_GIMP) and modeling (With Blender) when I don't feel like Level design. Mostly I just like Level Deign, Coffee, and sleep, but I thought I might as well make up this little page about myself to get some experience editing the VDC, in case I find a mistake in any of the level design tutorials that I almost never read.

I know almost everything in Source Level design (Unless I don't know about the things I don't know.) my weakest points are NPC's and scripted sequences with NPC's.

Finished and hosted Projects

I've created or co-created 5 css maps, 2 dod maps, and 2 hl2-DM maps. My favorite maps are de_Zentech_office and de_shipyard, both for css, you can find and Download all these maps, and more, here:

Best creations

1st Place: The ball version 3 that I have created for my friends Dreamball mod, so far it has not been released as I only figured it out shortly after Dreamball's 1.2 release. I don't know any coding, but I just had to find a way to wire the camera for the Dreamball ball to the mouse.(That wasn't to hard... attaching the controls to the mouse was the real poison pill.) Currently this is the most complex Source Logic machine that I have built, using over 480 entities and thousands of input output commands, once compiled it takes up 35% of source's entdata max memory banks allowed for each map, thus I have nicknamed it, the Tower of Logic. Tower Of Logic 2.jpg

Tower Of Logic 1.jpg

2nd Place: I would have to say 2nd place goes to one of my current projects, it is a LARGE TF2 map that is presenting a new gameplay goal. This map will also be used for my Zentech mod. The map is a huge Doomsday device facility built on top of a volcano, hens it is named Volcano, but I might change that. The concept and goals were created by User:Vecima who later discussed and modified the goals with myself. About a year after, I started building it. (Vecima and I were planning to build it so it was ready by the time TF2 came out but.... heh, busy busy busy.)

The Defending team is trying to stop the attacking team from turning on the doomsday device and blowing up earth, I will have to run tests but the defending team may have a small railway system throughout the base so they can get from one place to another quickly. The attackers will becoming in on a Helicopter that circles the volcano, but that's only If I can get the performance good enough. The attackers have to open 3 gas valves, 1 liquid oxygen valve, 2 water valves, and flip 3 - 6 power breakers, then the Doomsday device will be ready, from there the Defenders make their last stand, in or around the Doomsday device. At this point things cannot be undone, the defending team must hold out for the set amount of time, or the attackers must activate the doomsday device to end the game. I rank it 2nd place because of it's scale and complexity, here are 2 pictures but note, they don't do the map justice and this is still a work in progress. Nic Volcano 01.jpg

Nic Volcano 02.jpg

3rd Place: de_Zentech_office. The original style was developed by Andy, but he was not interested in finishing the map so he passed the map to me, at that time it was basically 2 rooms, a hallway, and a staircase going outside. Once I got it I took what he already built, change some things, then thought about how to finish it. It is the 2nd map I actually designed on paper before building, and as it so happens, I designed it in a hospitable where my 2nd niece was being born.

Current Projects

Currently I am leading my Zentech mod: Helping Ross Scot in his CP episodes: Trying to think of a new way to build the ball/camera logic systems for my friend CraziestDan's mod, Dreamball: Building my first TF2 map, very very complected and presenting a new Goal system. And last but not least, trying to help offer mapping support on the following forums:


First started learning level design 1998 with Worldcraft. (The older version of Hammer.) Between 1998 and 2004 I played with different editing engines such as Red faction 1, Jedi Knight, Age of the Empires, War Craft 2, Star Craft, Battlefield 1942, and then finally, when Half life 2 came out, Hammer.

From the time Half life 2 came out to late 2006 I didn't really figure to much out, I must admit learning hammer was a very slow thing for me. until, in late 2006 I came across a site called AKG. On it were many very helpful tutorials, and an excellent community, it was run by Anklebones, aka Wisemx. It was there that I started to learn what Level design was really all about.

But unfortunately AKG is no longer around, due to lack of money and time it was closed, then reopened by Wisemx' friend Joe under the name SourceMapping, Which after about 6 months was replaced by SDKnuts when Wisemx was able to rejoin the community. But then 6 - 12 months later, lack of time, money, and energy, sdknuts was taken back down, so what remaining members were still around hung out at Tyrtill's place as what was once one of the best community's, slowly degraded. Then about a month before TF2 came out, up comes SDKnuts(2) and a new hope to recreate the golden days of AKG, but that hope was put out when TF2 came out and was no where as good (to us) as tfc.(probably because we were there in the days of tfc)So about 4-6 months later down goes sdknuts(2) and any remains of it's excellent community will probably be found in one of these two places: