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This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


A lost chapter of Half-Life 2 (similar to the Lost Coast), Union is a short story of Gordon Freeman's fight to remove the Combine from an advanced research center.


  • original environment, including
    • plaza garden
    • classical
    • modern office
    • underground industrial
  • original models and props (created using Propper)
  • original textures and decals


Some work in progress screen shots from Hammer and within game;

Work in Progress outdoors
Work in progress outdoors
Work in Progress entry hall
Work in progress entry hall
Work in Progress main hall
Work in progress mainhall


  • 31 Dec 2011: Playable alpha version 1 completed
  • 04 Jan 2012: Combine added, with node graphs and assault points
  • 01 October 2012: Basic gameplay complete, first artpass underway
  • 20 October 2012: Added custom models using Propper


Made by a single person Phaeton.

Localized versions

The intention is to make this mod available in English, although other translations maybe possible.