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UTIL_ParticleTracer is a UTIL provided in the Source code for dispatching bullet tracer effects with the Orange Box particle system. It works by setting control points 0 and 1, where 0 is where the tracer starts and point 1 is where the tracer ends. The particle effect should implement the Move Particles Between 2 Control Points initializer.


// Purpose: Make a tracer using a particle effect
void UTIL_ParticleTracer( const char *pszTracerEffectName, const Vector &vecStart, const Vector &vecEnd, 
				 int iEntIndex, int iAttachment, bool bWhiz )
	int iParticleIndex = GetParticleSystemIndex( pszTracerEffectName );
	UTIL_Tracer( vecStart, vecEnd, iEntIndex, iAttachment, 0, bWhiz, "ParticleTracer", iParticleIndex );


You can override the default tracer in basecombatweapon_shared.cpp by replacing the switch statement around line 749:

UTIL_ParticleTracer("tracer_bullet", vNewSrc, tr.endpos, entindex(), iAttachment, iTracerType == TRACER_LINE_AND_WHIZ);