The Battle of Philadelphia

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This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.

Battle of Philadelphia screenshot - click to enlarge


The Battle of Philadelphia (BOP) is a single player Half-Life 2 modification set in the Half-Life universe. The story chronicles the city of Philadelphia, USA in the weeks following the events of City 17. This project will be distributed for free and released incrementally in chapters. "The Battle of Philadelphpia" places an emphasis on characters and their extroardinarily difficult situation, and as such will involve story advancement through npc dialog and their conveying of emotion. This will be familiar to players of Half-Life 2.


Media, including higher resolution copies of the images here, is available from the mods official website.

Oct 2008 update: the official site will be completely rebuilt soon. when it is, new media will be available here. until then, enjoy these shots from the first map:

The Battle of Philadelphia Screen shot. The Battle of Philadelphia Screen shot.

The Battle of Philadelphia Screen shot.


  • new characters
  • variations on Half-Life 2 game play
  • new NPCs
  • some new weapons
  • & others


As far as we know, this game will require An installed copy of Half - Life 2, as well as the SDK Base - Orangebox. There is some confusion however. It may be the case that any Source game would suffice (in place of Half - Life 2), but at this time the development team is unsure. we do know that it works with HL2.


"The Battle of Philadelphia" has been in development since 2005. At it's inception, the developers of this mod were in college, and as such, very busy. The two founding developers are now done with college, allowing more time for development work.


The Battle of Philadelphia is being developed by Type 3 Studios.

The team currently includes:

  • czarr - writer, director, choreographer
  • vecima - programmer, level designer, modeller, texture artist, scripter
  • Nicadeamas - level designer
  • Nesretep - community relations

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