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Blank image.pngTodo: Someday complete work on this template, thereby standardizing non-stylized user pages.
Blank image.pngTodo: This template should become the second {{MultiPage}}, but for user pages.
Blank image.pngTodo: Animated avatar.
Note.pngNote:It's not hard to do.
Blank image.pngTodo: The {{{discord}}} parameter should be changed to accept a user link, e.g.: discordapp.com/users/{{{discord}}}
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This template uses a strings subpage
Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.

This template is intended for use on user pages as a means of standardizing them and making them look better. It will automatically search and attempt to load these images UserAvatar-YOURNAME UserAvatarFrame-YOURNAME or UserCover-YOURNAME. If any of the applicable images are available, then they will replace their correspondent placeholder counterparts.

Another thing to note. If your user page has a subpage called "Achievements", and it has the {{Wikichievements}} template transcluded into it, then this template will detect that and load a box to the right of your userpage titled "Achievements". If you have any achievements defined in {{Wikichievements/Data}} then they will load in the aforementioned box.


The used strings are on strings subpage. Please follow the format to add translations for them.


Supported formats: JPG, PNG (PNG only for avatar and avatar frame).

Recommended avatar resolution: 128x128 pixels.

Recommended cover resolution: 2560x256 pixels.

Recommended avatar frame resolution: 224x224 pixels.

Copy and Paste

{{User page | website = | facebook = | gamebanana = | github = | gitlab = | lambdageneration = | moddb = | twhl = | gamemaps = | gamerlab = | soundcloud = | patreon = | steam = | twitter = | youtube = | discord = }}

Parameters and Examples

Note.pngNote:All these parameters are optional. For the template to work properly, it is enough to use it without any parameters.

Used Categories



Add a cover (PNG or JPG)
Add an avatar (PNG or JPG)
User page
User SandboxUser Settings
Add a cover (PNG or JPG)
Add an avatar (PNG or JPG)
User page
User SandboxUser Settings