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Future Desired Parameters


Parameter Description Example Preview
No Parameters Icon with a link.
{{Source 2}}
{{{text}}} Icon with colorized text and link.
{{Source 2|text}}
Source 2 Source 2
{{{plaintext}}} Plaintext link.
{{Source 2|plaintext}}
Source 2
{{{color}}} Places the link color as text.
{{Source 2|color}}


Styles should be applied to any modes. Each mode can have its own unique styles, but the number of styles for these modes is common.

Parameter Description Example Preview
{{{0}}} Style 0 (None)
{{Source 2|0}}
Source 2
No Parameters Style 1 (Default)
{{Source 2}}
Source 2
From {{{2}}} to infinity Infinite number of various styles.
{{Source 2|2}}
{{Source 2|3}}
{{Source 2|4}}
See THE OWL's Sandbox


Other parameters that should be used when creating a child template or when using a child template on a page.

Parameter Description Example Preview
{{{name}}} Name of the software.
{{Software|name = Source 2}}
{{{name:<lang code>}}} Translation of the name.
{{Software|name:zh = 起源2引擎}}
{{{name <2-4>}}} Other software names.
{{Software|name 4 = Source 2 Engine}}
{{{name type}}} Switches between available names. In the example, an abbreviation was used, which can be found in the section #An example of the future desired code of child templates.
{{Source 2|nt = 4}}
Source 2 Engine
{{{icon}}} Not to be confused with {{{icon}}} of #Modes.

The link icon.

{{Software|icon = Source2-256px.png}}
See THE OWL's Sandbox
{{{icon size}}} The size of the link icon.
{{Software|icon size = 16px}}
{{{color}}} Not to be confused with {{{color}}} of #Modes.

The color of the link. Can be text.

{{Software|color = #F2A52B}}
Source 2
{{{link}}} Internal or Interwiki link. Overwrites all other links.
{{Software|link = Valve}}
Source 2
{{{link:external}}} External link.
{{Software|link:external = www.valvesoftware.com}}
Source 2
{{{addtext:before}}} Adding text before the link content.
{{Source 2|addtext:before = Hello, World!}}
See THE OWL's Sandbox
{{{addtext:after}}} Adding text after the link content.
{{Source 2|addtext:after = Goodbye, World!}}

An example of the future desired code of child templates

{{Software | {{{1|}}} | {{{2|}}} | name = Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | name:ru = Симулятор ожидания новейшей версии Source 2 | name 2 = csgo | name 3 = CS:GO | name type = {{{nt|}}} | icon = csgo.png | icon size = 16px | color = E9B963 | addtext:before = {{{addtext:before|}}} | addtext:after = {{{addtext:after|}}} | link = {{{link|}}} }}