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Blank image.pngTodo: Fall back to generic file icon instead of folder icon if {{{2}}} is present.
Blank image.pngTodo: Icons for models, maps, compressed archives, and uncompressed packages. Syntax exists, and just needs to be uncommented when the icons are ready.
Blank image.pngTodo: Icons for linked libraries (DLL, SO, DYLIB).
Blank image.pngTodo: Separate designation for compressed vs uncompressed archives.
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The path to the folder or file. {{file}} aliases here.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Examples Preview
{{{1}}} The path to the folder or file.
{{Path|C:\Program Files\Steam}}
🖿C:\Program Files\Steam
{{{2}}} File extension, if any. Omit the dot.
{{Path|D:\Program Files\Steam\steam|exe}}
🖿D:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe
{{{select}}} Text selection mode based on the CSS property user-select.
No effect on some browsers.
Warning.pngWarning:select=none is likely to cause user frustration; use sparingly.
{{Path|select=none|C:\Program Files}}
{{Path|select=all|C:\Program Files}}
🖿C:\Program Files
🖿C:\Program Files
Changes the icon. The tooltip (which appears if you are hovering the text or the icon itself), will have it's text changed aswell.

If the images is disabled in your browser or when a new icon file is being uploaded, it may fallback to Unicode symbols or simple text.

{{{customico}}} is used to change to any icon if you want. Tooltip will likely be limited with this method, which only refers custom icon as a generic file, and may cause a scaling bug (more noticeable when zooming in).
Registry path:
Registry value:
File (generic):
Texture (currently same icon, but this will likely change):
Custom icon:
Windows Executablehl2.exe
Registry ValueDXLevel_V1
Custom Iconp3.exe

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