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This is a sub-metatemplate of {{sidebar}} that is designed to help create infobox templates.


This template has 1 sub-metatemplate called {{infobox template}}.


The sandbox for this page can be found at the sandbox subpage.


Testcases for this template can be located on the testcases subpage.

Copy and Paste

{{Infobox | header = | image = | section1 = | entryid1 = | entryinfo1 = | footer = }}

Usage & Preview

Parameter Description Example
{{{header}}} Header content
| header = Foo bar
{{{section <1-2>}}} Main content section dividers
| section1 = Test
{{{entryid <1-2>}}} Entry idboxes
| entryid1 = Example
{{{entryinfo <1-2>}}} Entry infoboxes
| entryinfo2 = Placeholder
{{{footer}}} Footer content
| footer = Placeholder
{{{width}}} Width of the sidebar container and sidebar image
| width = 320px
Image parameters
{{{image}}} Sidebar image
| image = Software Cover - The Lab
{{{imagewidth}}} Sidebar image width
| imagewidth = 64px
{{{imagelink}}} Sidebar image link
| imagelink = Portal 2
Style parameters
{{{headerstyle}}} Header styling
| headerstyle = font-family:sans-serif;
{{{entryid <1-20> style}}} Entry idbox styling
| entryid1style = background:none;
{{{entryinfo <1-20> style}}} Entry infobox styling
| entryinfo1style = margin:.3em;
{{{footerstyle}}} Footer styling
| footerstyle1 = text-align:right;
{{{float}}} For specifying how or if the sidebar will float
| float = left
Software Cover - The Lab.jpg
Hierarchy: Sidebar / Infobox