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This page serves as a glossary of terms used throughout the Valve Developer Community.

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  • BSP (acronym) — Binary space partition.


  • category — An index of pages with similar use or sense; used as a form of organization.


An example of transcluded documentation
  • doc (short form) — Documentation.
  • documentation page — A subpage of a template that is transcluded onto it so that it can convey relevant information.


  • extension — An add-on to the MediaWiki software.



A bunch of modern templates
  • MediaWiki — The underlying software that powers this wiki.
  • metatemplate — A template designed to be used in the creation of other templates.
  • modern (prefix) — Denotes a template that is intended as an updated version of its predecessor.


The wiki sandbox
A part of a software page
  • sandbox — A page designed to be used as a testing ground.
  • settings page — A user subpage used for storing strings for use in various templates.
  • software page — A page for information about software.
  • software page (def 2) — The template used on software pages.
  • stub — An incomplete article; typically one containing little information. See Help:Stubs or Wikipedia:Stub for more details.
  • sub-metatemplate — A metatemplate built using another metatemplate.
  • suf (short form) — Suffix.


  • template — A page that is transcluded into another page.
  • transclusion — The inclusion of whole or part content from one article to another.


  • user — A person who browses and/or contributes to the wiki.
  • user page — A page associated with a particular user.
  • user page (def 2) — The template designed for use on user pages.


  • VDC (acronym) — Valve Developer Community.


  • WAD (acronym) — Where's all the data.
  • WIP (acronym) — Work in progress.