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Template for accessing unique, pre-defined colors for games and engine branches documented on the Valve Developer Community, based on feature addition templates. This template forwards a color variable directly and is intended to be used inside of wiki formatting.

Tip.pngTip:Every game icon template (such as {{hl2}}, see Category: Game icons) can also return its game color using {{hl2|col}} → #E6AC39. That approach is much cleaner because {{game color}} uses a huge switch statement that also uses templates as keys (such as "{{hl2}}"); This means that every page using {{game color}} creates an entry in the "What links here" list for all game icon templates used.


{{Game color|csgo}} #E9B963
<span style="color:{{Game color|csgo}}">Example text</span> Example text

{| class="wikitable"
| style="background:{{Game color|as}};"| Example text

Example text

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