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Note.pngNote:def - definition
|suf = :<lang code> (See template:lang)
|code = 1 (will use the <code> tag for the names)
|state = dep / nofgd / dx8 / dx9
|num = <Number> (Used for Flags)
|intn = <internal name>
|intn2 = <internal name 2>
|type = <type>
|add = <additional text> (For example {{csgo|only}})
|shaders = <list of shaders>
|s = 1 (if 1 is specified, "Shaders" will be written instead of "Shader")
Note.pngNote:In this template, the description text is written after the template, and not in it.

Some Examples

Name (removed since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) (not in Half-Life)
This is test.
Name <string> (in all games since Portal 2)
This is test.
Name (Code_Name)
This is test.
Name (Code_Name)<string>
This is test.
Name (Code_Name) – Name_4 <path>
This is test.
Name (Code_Name) – Name_4 (Code_Name_4)
This is test.
Name (Code_Name) – Name_4 (Code_Name_4)<bool>
This is test.
Name (Code_Name) – Name_4 (Code_Name_4)<boolean>Obsolete Obsolete
Perfect text crossing out.
Name – Name_4 (Code_Name_4)<string>
This is test.
Name – Name_4 <string>
This is test.
[ 2 ] : Name
This is FLAG.
Name (Code_Name)Obsolete Obsolete
This is deprecated.
Name (Code_Name)!FGD
This is not in FGD.
Name (Code_Name) – Name_4 !FGD (removed since Team Fortress Classic)
This is not in FGD.
Name (Code_Name)(DX8)
Text Text Text.
Name (DX9+)
Text Text Text.
text for two params.
Name (test) (not in Alien Swarm)
This is test.
[ 8 ] : Test Flag
This is FLAG.
Spoon (round_thing) – Fork (sharp_thing)<matrix>
Shaders: LightmappedGeneric, WorldVertexTransition
islocked <Page>
Sombreador: one_shader
New line.