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Value for {{{1}}} Short Result
1 payback OpPayback.pngOperation Payback
2 bravo OpBravo.pngOperation Bravo
3 phoenix OpPhoenix.pngOperation Phoenix
4 breakout OpBreakout.pngOperation Breakout
5 vanguard OpVanguard.pngOperation Vanguard
6 bloodhound OpBloodhound.pngOperation Bloodhound
7 wildfire Wildfire.pngOperation Wildfire
8 hydra OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
9 shatteredweb OpShatteredWeb.pngOperation Shattered Web
10 brokenfang OpBrokenFang.pngOperation Broken Fang
11 riptide OpRiptide.pngOperation Riptide


This template is used to insert the name and a link to a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation, and in future, Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2 operation.


  • {{{1}}} - The operation name or operation number (1-11). Should be one of the ones on the right.
  • {{{2}}} - Sentence prefix
  • {{{prefix}}} Adds prefix
  • {{{disableop}}} - If defined, hides the word "Operation" in the link text.
  • {{{name}}} Changes the name of operation (including "Operation" word).
  • {{{icon}}} Changes icon of operation.
  • {{{link}}} Changes link of operation.


Examples for {{{1}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
{{CsgoOperation|shatteredweb}} OpShatteredWeb.pngOperation Shattered Web
{{CsgoOperation|5}} OpVanguard.pngOperation Vanguard
{{CsgoOperation}} No operation selected! See Template:CsgoOperation
{{CsgoOperation|hydrogen}} Invalid operation "hydrogen"! See Template:CsgoOperation
Examples for {{{2}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|Entity added with}} Entity added withOpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|Used in}} Used inOpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
Examples for {{{prefix}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|prefix=1}} It's one of many new features added with the OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra.
{{CsgoOperation|hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
Examples for {{{name}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|name=Operation hydrogen}} OpHydra.pngOperation hydrogen
{{CsgoOperation|hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
Examples for {{{icon}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|icon=[[File:Wildfire.png|32px]]}} Wildfire.pngOperation Hydra
{{CsgoOperation|hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
Examples for {{{link}}}
Code Result
{{CsgoOperation|hydra|link=https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Operation_Hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra
{{CsgoOperation|hydra}} OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra