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This template provides an easy way to link a redirect page without following the redirect.

{{no redirect|page name|label}}

It accepts two unnamed parameters:

  • 1= (required) the name of the page to link.
  • 2= (optional) the text to be displayed. If this is omitted then the input of the first parameter is used.


Instead of having to copy/paste or type:

  • [https://developer.valvesoftware.com/w/index.php?title=VDC:IUP&redirect=no ''VDC:IUP'']

an editor can type:

  • ''{{No redirect|VDC:IUP}}''

or an alias can be used, as in:

  • ''{{-r|VDC:IUP}}''

Both of those will take users directly to the same redirect page and display its pagename as a bluelink thus (using the alias): VDC:IUP.

The second parameter (label) may be useful in discussions on talk pages. For example,

  • {{-r|VDC:IUP|this redirect}}

may appear on a talk page in this context: "For reference, see this redirect."

If there is no page with that name given by the first parameter, the template generates a redlink as for any article name:

Also, if a page is not a redirect, a normal link is displayed: