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Terragen, is not freeware, and making a sky 960 and then resize it to 1024, is not good at all. /hipshot

"Terragen is free for personal non-commercial use." —Ts2do 19:12, 16 Sep 2005 (PDT)
Of course, but you cannot use all functions if you don't have the full version, then its no longer freeware. And that is why he suggest using 960^2 instead of directly 1024^2 since the latter is not possible in the trial version. And as I see it, its better creating 512^2 skies with terragen if you can't make 1024^2 skies. All Valves skies are 512^2 and they work good. --Hipshot 05:27, 17 Sep 2005 (PDT)
Ok, now I changed the resolution from 960 til 512 and 2048 til 1024. Also, I removed the section about sizing up 960^2 textures to 1024. Its not good to rezise a texture upwards, the added information when sizing up a texture just makes it worse quality vise. Making a envmap 2048 with terragen is not recomended, the huge size is insane to render if you want maximum quality also, times six, since you need six textures to make a env map. The quality of terragen skies in high resolution can also be debated since its current cloud rendering, which is kinda bad. Six material textures, at 2048^2 would use a insane amouth of memory compared to 1024^2 and not to say 512^2.

Correct Terragen 2 camera angles

I've noticed that (at-least when using TG2) the camera angle aren't correct; they need to be offset. Here's the proper angles:

0 270 0 Front
0 0 0 Left
0 90 0 Back
0 180 0 Right
0 0 90 up
0 0 -90 Down

This will make it so when the Sun's heading is '0', the light_environment should also be "-[height] 0 0" I don't know why this is, or maybe I'm wrong; but it seems to work properly so I can copy directly from TG2 into source and the sun will aim correctly. --Glitchvid 02:02, 27 October 2013 (PDT)