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"Send it a ModifySpeed input with a number as a parameter, and the player's movement speed will be scaled by that amount; for instance, a parameter of 2 would cause the player to move, jump, and fall twice as fast as normal. Useful for slow-motion, fast-forward, simulating drunkedness, or making a just plain cool effect. The entity really doesn't like negative numbers, though!" [1] Beeswax

Helpful in multiplayer maps

In mods that are multiplayer it is very helpful for single game modes such as for zombie mod on counter strike source you can modify the speed of each player or with team filters you can modify a hole teams speed. For mods such as zombie panic source you are able to make anyone move faster like in counter strike source and with team filters you can even make it like the orignal zombie panic where the humans are faster then the zombies by changing both teams speed but you can make a player to fast or to slow. When you modify the players speed it even makes the player jump to the speed you set so its not only runing faster its jumping and crouching faster. You can even make small areas fast only for the players in it which is helpful in both single player and multiplayer mods and games. -undeadbobop


This entity has flags... They are sort of clear, but even so I wanted to see what they did. Checking the flag turns the attribute off. Example: Suppress Jump turns off the ability to jump. No duh huh? --iii 09:12, 28 August 2009 (UTC)


The effects are in every if you slow the character and jump you jump up slow and back down slow... Which can be useful sometimes...but if you are using it to impede the character's horizontal movement only you might be disappointed. Of course you have a method by creating a trigger that is only a few units high. On touch...turn on...of end touch turn off. That way if the character jumps he wouldn't be slowed anymore... --iii 09:12, 28 August 2009 (UTC)