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Helix > Jan 21, 2010 at 9:17am <ref>[1],</ref>

Individual triggering: "targetname"

This is what I personally LOVE. It is so extremely powerfull and useful. But hang on, please do not try to understand this if you are not an advanced mapper.

What can it do? Let one individual player get affected by all kinds of stuff, as long as that stuff has a filter. I am going to give one raw example;

Goal: When a player hits a trigger_multiple, a trigger_push somewhere else in the map will only affect this player. (same thing as with the "!" trigger. Anyone who ALSO hits this trigger will be affected ALSO, but this time the "!" is required, you will see.)


1 trigger_multiple 1 filter_activator_name 1 trigger_push


filter_activator_name settings:

  • targetname: <your choice>, will be filter_activator_name in this tut.
  • filtermode: Allow entities that match criteria (depending on the situation, you might want to allow or disallow, in this case we will allow because we want the player to ALLOW something when it hits the trigger_multiple).
  • filtername: <your choice>, will be X in this tut.

trigger_push settings:

  • filtername: filter_activator_name
  • All the other settings can be adjusted to your own needs.

trigger_multiple outputs:

  1. !activator
  2. AddOutput
  3. targetname X

And there you go. You've just set a player's entity targetname to X. As long as any entity that can have a filter has the filter_activator_name added, this entity will only affect players with entity targetname X. Simple, huh?

==NOTES== NinjaOfSauce Players will be able to activate this trigger until disconnect (thru death and respawn). This is because the targetname attribute will remain on the player.

To Clear: We must change the targetname of the players. This can be made blank by targetname<space><space> or set the name something that won't pass the filter. To clear after death, place a trigger containing the spawnpoints to set the targetname.