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Oddly shaped holes

What about oddly shaped holes? Like circles or 't' shaped holes? I bumped into that problem in my editing and couldn’t work out how to solve it. --Treb 03:23, 6 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Remember that not only can you sew displacements that share common edges, but you can also sew edges that share a midpoint. This, combined with vertex editing, allows you to make holes with different shapes. It can get a bit complicated, and you may have to add a number of new displacements to get the density you need to make the hole. Or use the clip tool to create new displacements from the ones you already have. Also, remember you can move displacement points using the displacement painting along any axis, so making a square hole into a round one can be a matter of painting the vertices horizontally into that shape. The method you choose depends upon the area you're working and how much texture stretching you will get if you paint the vertices in your situation. --JeffLane 20:34, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT)
You nailed it Jeff, nice work. Treb I'm not sure what the proper method would be but a cheat method I use is a combination of brushes/displacements in places around the original displacement as detail work. In Jeff's example making that final hole round would be fairly simple. --wisemx 04:51, 6 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Sewing trick

"Because the four outside edges are not split, these displacements can be sewn to and surrounding geometry seamlessly."

That should probably be at the start as well, it took me a while to realise why I was supposed to do it. --TomEdwards 06:14, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Seems reasonable. I reworded the intro to reflect this. --JeffLane 11:29, 24 Aug 2005 (PDT)

System load

With the second method were efectivley quadrupleing the density in the displacement for that area, maybe we should add a comment about turining down the power?

You could, but the effect on performance is actually fairly low overall. The cost is really that you're adding more displacements, not the difference in resolution of the individual surfaces. So unless you did this to quite a large number of displacements, decreasing the power would lose detail for limited gains in performance. General notes on performance should probably be added to the main displacements page. --JeffLane 11:29, 24 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Inline links

As this is a sort of a step-by-step tutorial the links to tools should be direct rather than via Hammer Map Tools Toolbar. The latter should be moved to see also...0.51 19:55, 4 Feb 2006 (PST)