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Seems to be related to bot_generator. A point entity that spawns a TFBot at around start or on command.

Properties for team and class don't seem to be affected, however by creating a logic_relay with an OnSpawn output, I was about to properly set them by sending the inputs SetClass and SetTeam

Of the outputs:

  • OnSpawned
  • OnInjured
  • OnKilled
  • OnKilledEnemy
  • OnAttackingEnemy
  • OnSpawned

I could only get OnSpawned to fire. The !activator in the event-chain that fires the OnSpawned is the player of the bot that has been spawned.

Using AddOutput you can give the bot that spawns a Targetname that you can use to refer to it from such entities like Point_hurt or Filter_activator_name