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sv_standable_normal is a console variable available in all Source Source games.

sv_standable_normal changes the value shown as 0.7, lower values make steeper slopes traversable, as shown on the right.
Example of the steepest slope standable with value set to 0.4.

sv_standable_normal and sv_walkable_normal are cheat protected console variables in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that determine how steep of a slope the player can stand and walk on. These should usually be set to the same value.

The default value for both is 0.7. Lower values make players be able to stand or walk on steeper slopes.

For sv_standable_normal, values ≤ 0 make any slope standable, meanwhile values > 1 cause the player to always slide or surf even on flat surfaces, and disables jumping. If set to 1, players can only stand on completely flat surfaces (parallel to the xy-plane).

Similar rules apply to sv_walkable_normal, however, completely flat surfaces are always walkable (if they are standable).
Note that only standable surfaces can be walkable at all. Setting sv_walkable_normal to a lower value than sv_standable_normal has the same effect as setting them to the same value.
In addition, even if a shallow slope is not walkable, players might be able to slide up it.

Lookup Table

sv_standable_normal Traversable Slope Angle
0.9 ≤ 25.842°
0.8 ≤ 36.870°
0.7 ≤ 45.573°
0.6 ≤ 53.130°
0.5 ≤ 60°
0.4 ≤ 66.420°
0.3 ≤ 72.535°
0.2 ≤ 78.464°
0.1 ≤ 84.268°
cos(x) ≤ x

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