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ExoJump is a device in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that an owning player can jump higher and further with. Officially, the ExoJump is only available in CS:GO Danger Zone Danger Zone and rarely in CS:GO Guardian Guardian.

exojump is a cheat console command which toggles whether the executing player has an ExoJump or not.


  • There are two slightly different jumping techniques that can be distinguished especially by the emitted sound. We assume that +jump and +duck are bound to Space and Ctrl, respectively.
    1. Pressing and holding Space will make the player jump at a variable height, depending on how long the key was held. The volume of the emitted sound also depends on that. The smallest height is by default a bit more than jumping with no ExoJump.
    2. Pressing and holding Space during the player's (un)crouching transition (pressing or releasing Crtl; known as crouch jumping) does the same with a slightly lower maximum height but increases the player's velocity by about 130 u/s by default. The volume of the emitted sound is always the highest. This technique along with its different sound can be disabled with sv_exojump_jumpbonus_forward 0.
Note.pngNote:Jumping completely silently with an ExoJump is impossible.
Note.pngNote:For default jumping height values, see CS:GO Mapper's Reference.
  • Players wearing an ExoJump have a default fall damage reduction of 60 %, controlled with sv_falldamage_exojump_multiplier 0.4.
  • Players wearing an ExoJump have an icon in the bottom left of their UI.
  • Although exojump is not an entity, one can do sv_guardian_extra_equipment_ct exojump.

Related Console Variables

ConVar Default Value Description
exojump ConCommand Equips or removes ExoJump from the executing player.
sv_exojump_jumpbonus_forward 0.4 ExoJump forwards velocity bonus when duck jumping. Set to 0 to indirectly disable the crouch jumping technique and its sound.

Negative values are not intended and don't work entirely as to assume. When jumping while moving +forward, the player is forced towards their rear right (a yaw offset of 225 or -135 from their eye direction).

sv_exojump_jumpbonus_up 0.58 ExoJump upwards bonus when holding the jump button.
sv_exostaminajumpcost 0.040 Stamina penalty for jumping with ExoJump.
sv_exostaminalandcost 0.015 Stamina penalty for landing with ExoJump.
sv_falldamage_exojump_multiplier 0.4 ExoJump fall damage multiplier.
sv_jump_impulse_exojump_multiplier 1.05 ExoJump impulse multiplier.