Source Engine Beta Changelist

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Note.png Note: Obsolete as of 2018

Changelist and list of known issues for current Source Engine Beta.

Current Known Issues

  • Beta users using SourceTV functionality may not be compatible with non-beta users.
  • Mods that were built off of HL2 will continue to run the publicly released engine. Mods that were built off of CS:S, DoD:S, or HL2DM will use the beta engine.
  • Both Linux and Win32 dedicated servers are affected by this beta.

Update Monday May 22nd, 2006

Source Engine

Fixes for beta user submitted bugs:

  • video stress test and audio settings test no longer crash
  • fixed broken server browser info buttons
  • fixed cursor disappearing after being kicked from server
  • avi recording no longer stops after 1 frame
  • fixed white areas in de_aztec
  • fixed demo playback of old demos in new engine

Other fixes

  • de_nuke loads in all mat_dxlevel configurations
  • fixed bug where mat_colorcorrection wasn't set properly in -autoconfig
  • added newer video cards to dxsupport.cfg
  • added video memory detection support for dxsupport.cfg
  • added mod-specific support to dxsupport.cfg
  • fixed full-screen flicker when alt-tabbing out of fullscreen

Update Wednesday May 10th, 2006

Initial beta release.

Partial beta engine changes. (Many of the changes in this engine update are Episode 1 specific and are not relevant to this beta. These changes are not listed here.)

Source Engine

  • Bloom (HDR level 1) supported on DX8 cards (previously, dx9-only)


  • added SourceTV port and delay time to "status" output if SourceTV is active.
  • fixed SourceTV relays unable to connect to "sv_lan 1" servers.
  • fixed SourceTV reporting correct password restrictions.
  • fixed SourceTV bots joining game even if command line specified "-nohltv".
  • added new command "net_status" that shows more detailed information about total and average packet loss, latency, packets/sec and bandwidth.
  • added convar "tv_autoretry 1" so relay proxies try to reconnect after connection crashed/timed out.
  • added convar "tv_timeout" to specify connection timeout limit in seconds.
  • fixed disappearing weapons in SourceTV.
  • fixed spectator chat on relay proxies.
  • improved spectator client dispatching, faster and better balanced.
  • fixed SourceTV crash during changelevel.
  • fixed command tv_record crashing relay proxies.
  • reduced SourceTV CPU demand.