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Sound is an integral part of the movie experience. In the SFM, sound is added as sound clips, which are organized into tracks, which themselves are organized into track groups.

You can work with sound clips the same way you work with shots: move them around, make them shorter or longer, stretch and compress them (which raises and lowers their pitch), copy, paste, and delete them.

Each shot that contains recorded gameplay also contains the sound clips from that gameplay. You can double-click the shot to see its contents, including the game sounds, and you can modify those sounds manually, such as by setting their volume. To return to sequence view, click the up arrow (SFM icon UpArrow.png) in the upper-left part of the timeline.

Tip.png Tip: If you want a sound clip to continue playing after the shot has ended, after double-clicking the shot to open it, you can cut or copy the sound clip, return to sequence view, paste it into an audio track, and adjust its timing accordingly.

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