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You can manipulate sound clips the same way you would manipulate video clips: set in and out points with I and O, drag them, extend or shorten them by dragging their edges, blade them, copy them, paste them, delete them, scrub through them with the playhead, and so on.

All kinds of sound clips are added in the same way: dialog, background music, sound effects, and so on.

To add a sound clip:

  1. Right-click the track that you want to add the clip to, and click Add Clip to Track.
  2. Pick the sound clip you want. You can filter the list by typing text in the Filter box. Browse the sounds by pressing and . You can also manually add any 16-bit, 44.1-kHz sound file in .wav format by copying it to the \game\usermod\sound folder. (If that folder doesn't exist yet, create it.)
Tip.png Tip: If you're adding a dialog clip for an existing character, you can filter by character type, for example, scout. That way, you'll see only sound clips for that character type.

After you add new a dialog clip, you can create lip-sync animation for it.

You can modify the volume of sounds that were recorded during a gameplay recording. You do so by opening the shot itself, which contains those sounds.

To adjust the volume of a sound clip inside a shot:

  1. Double-click the shot to open it.
  2. Expand the take that contains the sound clip.
  3. Expand the Game Sounds track group to view the sounds recorded with that video clip.
  4. Right-click the clip, and click Set Volume.
  5. Set the volume on a scale of 0 to 1.
  6. Return to the sequence view by hitting the up arrow (SFM icon UpArrow.png) near the top of the timeline.
Note.png Note: Even though you can see and adjust other components inside a shot, we strongly recommend that you use this technique only for adjusting the volume of sound clips.

To add fade-ins and fade-outs to a clip:

  1. Right-click the clip, click Edit Clip, and click Set Fade Times.
  2. Set the fade times in seconds.
Note.png Note: When you move a shot around, any sound clip that starts inside that shot will be moved along with it. This keeps sounds synchronized with their shots.

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