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When you select an object, you're actually selecting controls in its animation set.

Note.png Note: You can't select objects that are part of the map you loaded because they are baked into that map.

To select controls:

  1. Expand the object's animation set in the Animation Set Editor.
  2. Click the control you want to select. Hold down Ctrl and click to select multiple controls, or to deselect a control. Hold down Shift and click to select a region of adjacent controls.


  • Hover the mouse pointer in the viewport, hold down Ctrl to show selectable controls, and click the control you want to select. Alternatively, you can lasso-select multiple controls by holding down Ctrl and dragging. Hold down Ctrl+ Shift and click to toggle the selection of controls. Hold down Ctrl+Alt and click to deselect controls in the viewport. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+ Shift and click to add to the current selection.
Note.png Note: In order to select controls in the viewport, you must be in either Motion Editor or Graph Editor mode.

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