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When you add an object to your movie, you're specifically adding an animation set for it to the currently selected shot. You can add an animation set for something new, or for an existing element of recorded gameplay. Adding an animation set for an element of recorded gameplay means you can change the animation for that element.

You can add a game prop, character model, light, camera, particle system, or existing element in the same way.

To add an element to a selected shot:

  1. Make sure the playhead is inside the shot.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the Animation Set Editor, click the Add button (SFM icon AddButton.png). Alternatively, you can right-click in an empty space in the Animation Set Editor window.
  3. On the menu, click the option that reflects what you want to do. For example, if you want to add a prop or character, click Create Animation Set for New Model.
  4. In the dialog box that comes up, choose the new element that you want to import into your scene, or the existing element that you want to create an animation set for. You can filter the list by typing text into the Filter box.
  5. Click Open or OK (depending on what you're adding).

If you added a new element, it has now been added to the selected shot, near the scene camera's current location. You can see it in the viewport, and you can see its animation set listed in the Animation Set Editor. If you added an animation set for an existing element, you can now modify its animation.

Note.png Note: When adding a particle system, you must browse through the various game folders to see what particle systems are available where. There are different particle systems in different folders.
Tip.png Tip: When you add a particle system, you can modify its start time, emission duration, and lifetime in the dialog box that appears. You can also adjust these values afterwards by right-clicking the particle system's animation set in the Animation Set Editor, and clicking Edit Particle System Start/Stop/End Times.

To put a hat on a character:

  1. Create an animation set for a new model, and choose the character you want.
  2. Create an animation set for a new model, and choose the hat you want.
  3. In the Animation Set Editor, expand the character's animation set until you see the bip_head joint control.
  4. Expand the hat's animation set.
  5. If the hat also has a bip_head control, drag the character's bip_head control onto it to lock the hat to the head and apply the Zero preset. The hat should move into place.
  6. If the hat does not have a bip_head control, position the hat on the head manually, and then drag the character's bip_head control onto the hat's rootTransform control to lock the hat to the head. Apply the Playhead preset.
  7. In the Motion Editor, select all of time (Ctrl+A).
  8. Select the animation set for your hat and apply the Playhead preset.

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