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Revelations 2012 (2012) is a co-operative game allowing up to 4 players, or AI-controlled allies, with campaigns very reminiscent of the Mayan culture. Players embark on campaigns consisting of multiple maps, and must reach then defeat the boss that awaits at the end.

The game itself is a mod of the Left 4 Dead engine branch, thus not only it has <Squirrel Language>VScripts, it also shares a number of entities already present in Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead and <Left 4 Dead 2> Left 4 Dead 2.

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, the game was made free to play, with the quote: "Since the end of the world never came...Revelations will be moving to Free to Play! Enjoy!".


  • Revelations 2012 (revelations2012)

Official campaigns

Winds of Destruction:

Feast of the Serpentine:

Suicidal Actions:

Official Battleground maps


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