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class hierarchy

prop_fuel_barrel is a point entity available in Left 4 Dead series Left 4 Dead series. This is a special destructible physics prop that blows up in several stages when shot.


  •  [1] : Start Asleep


World Model (model) <string>
The model this entity should appear as. 128-character limit.
Base Piece (BasePiece) <model path>
Flying Piece 1 (FlyingPiece01) <model path>
Flying Piece 2 (FlyingPiece02) <model path>
Flying Piece 3 (FlyingPiece03) <model path>
Flying Piece 4 (FlyingPiece04) <model path>
Detonation Particles (DetonateParticles) <string>
Flying Piece Particles (FlyingParticles) <string>
Sound played when the object explodes. (DetonateSound) <sound>

Start Fade Dist/Pixels (fademindist) <float>
Distance at which the prop starts to fade (<0 = subtract from fademaxdist).
End Fade Dist/Pixels (fademaxdist) <float>
Maximum distance at which the prop is visible (0 = don't fade out).
Fade Scale (fadescale) <float>
If you specify a fade in the worldspawn, or if the engine is running under low end/medium end/XBox360, then the engine will forcibly fade out props even if fademindist/fademaxdist isn't specified. This scale factor gives you some control over the fade. Using 0 here turns off the forcible fades. Numbers smaller than 1 cause the prop to fade out at further distances, and greater than 1 cause it to fade out at closer distances.