Position Along Path Sequential

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The Position Along Path Sequential initializer causes particles to spawn at points along a straight line between two control points.

Position Along Path Sequential with sprites\tp_beam001.vmt and render_rope.


Operator fade/oscillate
No effect
Start control point number
End control point number
The two CPs to form a path between.
Particles to map from start to end
How many particles are needed to complete the path. Defines particle density.
Mid point position
Normalised percentage. The position on either side of which there should be an equal number of particles.
Note.png Note: If this value is > 1 or < -1, the path will 'hairpin' past its natural extents to squeeze the extra particles in, which unless you are using bulge is ugly and confusing.
Maximum distance
How far from its ordinary location each particle is allowed to spawn.
A Maximum distance of 2.
Restart behavior
What should happen when the end of the path has been reached but there are still particles to spawn.
0 - Bounce
Reverse direction
1 - Loop
Start again at the first CP. Doesn't work properly with render_rope.
The maximum distance from a straight line that the path can deviate. Bulging creates a smooth curve in the path.
A Bulge of 20 with Bulge control mode 0.
Bulge control
The manner in which bulge is calculated.
0 - Random
Bulge in any direction and peak anywhere. Bulge distance interpreted as units.
1 - Orientation of start CP
2 - Orientation of end CP
Bulge along the +X axis of the CP, peaking at the specified midpoint. Bulge distance interpreted as proportion of path length.