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Portal funneling is a game mechanic in the Portal series. It automatically corrects the positions of players and objects moving at a high speed towards a portal, so that they go perfectly into the portal rather than potentially hit the rim, much to the player's annoyance. It also appears to sometimes affect trajectory after the object goes through a portal. Note that players must be looking at a portal when funneling into it.

In Portal, funneling can be toggled in the options menu. In Portal 2 it can only be disabled by console command.

Related console commands and variables

ConVar/CommandParameters or default valueDescriptorEffect
sv_player_funnel_into_portals1arbitrary numberEnables funneling.
[Portal 2]portal_funnel_debug0arbitrary numberPrints debugging info to the console when funnel code is triggered.
[Portal 2]speed_funnelling_enabled1arbitrary numberEnables funneling when running on propulsion gel. (Note that the command spells "funneling" incorrectly.)
[Portal 2]sv_player_funnel_gimme_dot0.9arbitrary number [confirm]When set to higher than 1, player trajectory will never be forced to be perpendicular to the portal after crossing it.
[Portal 2]sv_player_funnel_height_adjust128hammer unitsWhen the player is this far above a portal on the ground, funneling will occur. Below this height, none will happen.
[Portal 2]sv_player_funnel_snap_thresholdTo do: Effect description.
[Portal 2]sv_player_funnel_speed_bonusTo do: Effect description.
[Portal 2]sv_player_funnel_well_aboveTo do: Effect description.
[Portal 2]sv_props_funnel_into_portals1arbitrary numberEnables funneling for objects such as prop_weighted_cubes.
[Portal 2]sv_props_funnel_into_portals_decelerationTo do: Effect description.