Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

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This mod for Source is currently in open beta. Download it now.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

Welcome to Pirates, Vikings & Knights II - Beta 2.3 Available - Download Now!


Pirates, Vikings & Knights II is a Half-Life 2 modification based on 3 teams from times past locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance, and power.

PVK II pits each team against one another in a variety of different surroundings, from the frozen Viking Northlands, Medieval castles and villages, to the tropical Caribbean. Even mythical lands told of in legends. . Each team and class has their own strength and weaknesses. Vikings being more the close combat specialists, Pirates preferring quick strikes and long distance attacks, and Knights being the all around team.

Cooperation will lead you to victory and glory!



Unique Classes

  • Each team will eventually have their own unique set of classes (6) that correspond to the team.

Unique Weapons

  • Each Class spawns with their own unique weapons. These weapons are historically accurate and unique, each adding a different strategy to how the class is played.

Multiple Game Modes

  • Booty, Booty Tag, Territory, Pillage, Siege
  • and more!

Melee Combat system including blocking/parrying

  • Players can attack in 4 different directions depending on their movement direction. Blocking/Parrying these attacks is the best way to get in a shot of your own.

Special Abilities

  • Each player has a special ability meter. When full they will be able to activate a special move/ability unique to each class.

Beautiful Maps

  • The maps will range from Realistic European countrysides, Scandanavian Villiages, Harbors and Ship Ports, Castles, Keeps, Catacombs, Winter Landscapes, & Forests, to some not necessarily realistic maps, but fun nonetheless.

Help Wanted

Shader/Special FX Programmer

  • General understanding of computer graphics theories and techniques.
  • Solid skills in C++.
  • Strong knowledge of programming pixel and vertex shaders.

Faceposer Artist

  • Responsible for creating facial expressions, lip-syncing, and phoneme extractions. Preferably, you will also have experience with creating morph targets in 3ds Max.

Keep an eye out on our Help Wanted page for more.


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