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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


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"It has been weeks, days, months. I don't know anymore; all I see out of the window is my face reflecting off a solid sheet of white. A blank face, staring back into me. God knows how high the snow is now, all I know is that I have my wife and daughter to take care of. Food is low, tension is high; the only thing that is lower is the temperature. I honestly don't know if we can survive any longer..."

<Half-Life 2> Rolfe Harkom is a family man, he has a wife, Elizabeth, and a beautiful little girl named Lucy. He has an expensive house in the mountains, and all the love he could ever want. He seemed to be living in a utopian reality, he married the girl of his dreams and started a family in the place he had always dreamed of living in. Life was good. Too bad probability intervened. Rolfe wakes up dazed and confused; the girlish screams still ringing in his ears. He wakes up to find out that his family is gone, his home torn apart, and a large hole in the center of the room. Little does he know this mystery hole, will lead him on a journey he will never forget, a journey into the deepest fathoms of the things you can't even begin to concieve. The mind can only conprehend so much, how long will you last?


Real-Time Radiosity Rendering

Radiosity is a special case of the global illumination problem, in which all surfaces are perfectly diffuse reflectors (Lambertian). This means stuff like specular reflection, glossy reflection, transmission etc.. doesn't have to be dealt with. HL2 uses this feature to create lightmaps. This is called Static Radiosity Rendering, which renders light sources and shadows on a image and places it over a specific face, creating a realistic look as seen in HL2. RT Radiosity is where the GPU renders the radiosity of lighting on the fly without the process of Vrad. This will allow the ability to have realtime shadows and lighting for the Source Engine.