Normal Map Creation in XSI

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  • Version 5.0: Ultimapper
  • Version 4.x: GPU Surface FX2
    Note.pngNote:You need XSI foundation or higher to take advantage of this feature, as the Mod Tool has a resolution limit.
  • Version 3.5: GPU surface FX

The name has been changing, but the basic usage is the same:

  1. Move the high resolution model over the low resolution model.
  2. Select the low resolution one.
  3. Select GPU Surface FX2 (or Ultimapper in ver 5.0) from Get>Property.
  4. In the GPU Surface FX2 menu:
    1. Pick the high resolution model (or group).
    2. Make sure normal is checked.
    3. Change settings such as normal map resolution, path, sampling, as you want.
  5. If you are ready, click Regenerate button. XSI will make the normal map.
  6. To preview the result, set Preview Display and Hardware correctly and click Create Preview.

Important: It is necessary to invert the green channel of the output file. If you don't do this, your up/down normals will appear inverted in the engine. The simplest way to do this in Photoshop is to open a channel window, (window:channel) select the green channel (which controls up/down), and press <Ctrl+I>.