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This entity is Obsolete. Its use is discouraged, and it may only exist/function in older engine branches.

This entity doesn't exist in any game [confirm] only in FGDs. "Track Move Behavior" Doesn't work. It is the first in a chain of some keyframe_track, however, this entity has been probably replaced by the path_track entity. It acts in the same way the path_track is used, only with less options in how to control the train that passes on it. Therefor it is recommended to use path_tracks for higher control over the entities that will pass on it.


Distance between the wheels (WheelBaseLength) <integer>
Distance between the wheels.
Damage done to blocking entities (Damage) <integer>
Damage per second.
Turn to face down path (NoRotate) <choices>
Whether to turn to face down path.
  • 0 : Yes
  • 1 : No

Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.

Position Interpolator (PositionInterpolator) <choices>
Interpolation method.
  • 0 : Linear
  • 1 : Catmull-Rom Spline

Next KeyFrame (NextKey) <targetname>
Name of the next keyframe along this keyframe path.
Speed (units per second) (MoveSpeed) <integer>
KeyFrame moving speed.

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