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MoveType defines the way entity behaves and moves. For example movetype 0 will freeze the entity and nothing can affect it until its MoveType is changed.

Warning.pngWarning:Most of these MoveTypes are called by the engine, safe ones to use are: 0, 2, 4, 5, 8.
Tip.pngTip:In Alien SwarmTeam Fortress 2 or later, you can test these out in game with console command ent_fire player AddOutput "MoveType #" where # is a number from table below.

Various MoveTypes in Valve Source Engine titles

Name Decimal Description
MOVETYPE_NONE 0 Freezes the entity, outside sources can't move it.
MOVETYPE_ISOMETRIC 1 For players in TF2 commander view etc. Do not use this for normal players!
MOVETYPE_WALK 2 Default player (client) move type.
MOVETYPE_FLY 4 Fly with no gravity.
MOVETYPE_FLYGRAVITY 5 Fly with gravity.
MOVETYPE_VPHYSICS 6 Physics movetype (prop models etc.)
MOVETYPE_PUSH 7 No clip to world, but pushes and crushes things.
MOVETYPE_NOCLIP 8 Noclip, behaves exactly the same as console command.
MOVETYPE_LADDER 9 For players, when moving on a ladder.
MOVETYPE_OBSERVER 10 Spectator movetype. DO NOT use this to make player spectate.
MOVETYPE_CUSTOM 11 Custom movetype, can be applied to the player to prevent the default movement code from running, while still calling the related hooks.


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