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Missing Information is a single-player modification based on the storyline found in Valve's Raising the Bar which was released shortly after Half-Life 2's release. The current version is 1.6.


Game menu, featuring the Borealis.

The first version was released in 2006 version 1.4, and features the content shown at E3 in 2003, including Traptown and the Borealis (cut location) chapter, though in an incomplete stage.

It also showcases cut content such as maps, NPCs, and most of the weapons, such as the Physgun, which was also revived by other mods, such as JBMod and Garry's Mod

The second version (1.5) released in 2008, is an Orange Box enhanced version of version 1.4 with two new E3 2002 demo maps, "Terminal" and "Depot". It also has a few new models, like a new shotgun model based on the version shown in Valve's E3 demonstrations from 2003.

The third version, 1.6 is the last branch of Missing Information featuring E3 content. The team has now moved on to working on the main story line which will be released in episodes. Currently the team is working on Episode One.

List of patch fixes

Change log from the 1.6 patch


  • New Alyx model & skin
  • New Classic Zombie skin
  • New Combine Soldier models
  • New Incendiary Rifle (I-Rifle) model & animations
  • New MP5K skin
  • New MP5K sounds
  • New Stalker model & animations
  • New binocular skin
  • New icon for Fire Extinguisher, Gauss gun, Stun Stick and S.L.A.M
  • New particle effects
  • Added a disclaimer to the E3 presentation explaining the quality (or lack thereof) of the maps
  • Added closed captions
  • Added e3_under to the E3 presentation
  • Added normal maps to several models
  • Added phong lighting to several models


  • Combine Elite will not attempt to use the Pulse Rifle's secondary attack if not equipped
  • the S.L.A.M. carry limit to 10


  • Odell crash fixed on the Borealis
  • a bug on e3_depot that would stop the Gunship from activating
  • several bugs on e3_seafloor that would make the player unable to continue with the E3 presentation


  • e3_ship
  • mi_buildingblocks


  • the Borealis maps with new props and other minor fixes


  • the Flare guns reload time
  • the SMG1 firing rate
  • the SMG2 firing rate
  • the Stalker's damage


  • AK47 model
  • OICW model
  • Physgun model
  • Rooftops map
  • animations on the Flaregun
  • credits.txt to reflect current roster
  • zoom effects on the sniperrifle

Change log from the 1.5.1 patch

  • Fixed Stalker and Assassin textures and added phong.
  • Added phong the Borealis barrels.
  • Fixed a few problems with the new Odell model.
  • The AK-47 has its own sounds instead of using the OICW fire sounds.
  • Improved AK-47 accuracy and fire modes.
  • Increased SMG2 rate of fire and accuracy.
  • Updated SMG2 and OICW sounds.
  • Added mi_buildingblocks to the chapters menu.
  • Updated Borealis chapter with HDR and improved areas.
  • Re-added missing maps and updated a few of them.
  • Added new Flare Gun item model.


Mi mod char combine.png Mi mod char combine elite.png Mi mod char combine soldiers.png

Mi mod char cremator.png Mi mod char Odell.png Mi mod char worker.png

Mi mod map borealis.png Mi mod map borealis2.png Mi mod map borealis3.png

Mi mod map borealis4.png Mi mod map borealis5.png

Mi mod map Construct17.png Mi mod map Subt17.png Mi mod map Subt17 2.png

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