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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


<Half-Life 2> Master Blasters.

Master Blasters Wallpaper

Using the fast-action rocket launcher enjoyment Id Software's Quake coupled with the game play style of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., this mod certainly puts a twist to original Half-life 2 Deathmatch. The object of the game is to knock all your opponents in the round off the platforms without being knocked off yourself! Players start each round out with a limited number of lives and are able to pick up variety of weapons and pick ups throughout the game. Whatever team or player survives the longest receives a point, the round is restarted, and the mayhem starts again.

The only way to "kill" an opponent is to force them off the map's platforms; however, the less life an opponent has the farther out they will fly when they are hit by weapons. In order for players to fly back to the map's platforms, they are equipped with a very useful jet pack with limited but gradually restoring energy.

Game Types

Cowboy Model
  • Last Man Standing :: This game type is every man for himself, creating a Free-for-All style that creates a frantic, chaos-driven experience for each player. The player, who survives the longest with their given lives, wins.
  • Team Play Deathmatch :: This game type uses the same rules as Last Man Standing but players are organized into two teams, the Masters and the Blasters. The team, who survives the longest with their given lives, wins.
  • Timed Game :: The round ends only when the timer runs out of time, making the player with the most lives the winner.


  • Rocket Launcher :: The good ole' fashioned RPG is back! Player's are equipped with this beauty initially and are given an unlimited amount of ammo. Great splash damage but rockets are relatively slow in comparison with instant shot weapons.
Ninja Model
  • Lightsaber :: It takes a swift and agile approach but if executed successful this weapon is able to do some decent damage and has a slightly bigger punch than a rocket blast. It should be noted that this weapon has the ability to drain a considerable amount of the opponent's jet pack energy, making a hit with this weapon a difficult but worthwhile task. Player's are equipped with this initially, like the Rocket Launcher.
  • Sniper Rifle :: Player's are able to make a more direct hit with this weapon, forcing opponents off the platform. This weapons is random pickup so ammo is extremely limited, but it's great for keeping opponents off the platform after they are using their jet packs to fly back.
  • Mini Nuke :: Player's are able to deal plenty of splash damage with this little device, forcing many players to use their jet packs during games. This weapons is random pickup so ammo is extremely limited and somewhat difficult to aim, but useful for dealing lots of damage to lots of players.

Power Ups

  • Health Pack :: This nifty little power up restores 50 hit points to the player, preventing them from being knocked as far away from the map's platforms when hit by a weapon.
  • Energy Pack :: This power up restores the jet pack energy of a player, which can be extremely useful for flying back to the map's platform after a hit by a weapon.
  • Quad Damage :: This power up temporarily gives the player the ability to do significantly more damage of their weapons to opponents.


A Master Blasters Map

This mod's development team includes Grayson "Big D" Deitering as the mod's coder and Mark "Rockwell" Fallows as the mod's map maker.

Craig Deitering has assisted with the mod's publication.

Recently, we have had another addition onto the team as our newest member, Daedalus, has become increasingly valuable to this mod's success in both the map making and technical side of the mod's development.

This mod will be released near the start of March, 2007.

It should be noted that this mod has no relation to a professional wrestling tag team in World Championship Wrestling most famous for giving Kevin Nash his start in wrestling. Nor does it have any relation to the character in Mel Gibson's movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", although a great movie nonetheless.

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