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Note.png Note: This service is currently still being developed and may or may not be completed. It is currently only useful for props and simple weighted models such as TF2 c_model weapons. If you are looking to decompile more advanced models then use MDLDecompiler.

MDL Unpack is a web-based service used to decompile/convert models used in Valve's Source Engine back to their compilable components.


  • Creates QC Script — Creates a QC script from the models binaries.
  • Creates Reference SMD — Converts model binary data to SMD syntax.


This web-service will not decompile: Animations/Sequences, Vertex Animations, LoD meshes, Bodygroup meshes and Collision mesh.

QC interpreter is incomplete and will miss some info or it may be incorrect.

These features may be added/fixed at a later date.

Known Bugs

Bone weights on models with more than one bone will be wrong in some cases.

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