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SiN Episodes Level Creation

Here is a list of 301 soundscapes for use in Sin Episodes. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. While they should work without problems in-game, they generally aren't nearly as varied or deep as the resulting composites. Others have positional sounds which will be played at certain locations specified in the env_soundscape entity's properties. If these locations are not given, the sounds will not be heard.

A preview video of these soundscapes can be found here.

Generic and Test

Name Description Position Number Position Description
Nothing No DSP, no ambients.
Automatic DSP 1, dsp_volume 1.0.
automatic_dialog Automatic DSP at 50% mix.
e3_techdemo_gmanspeaking DSP 10.
e3_Techdemo_02 Physics room.
e3_Techdemo_03 DSP 1.
e3_Techdemo_05 Dripping cave ambient.
e3_Techdemo_06 Lake.
e3_end Identical to Nothing.
GenericIndoor Fluorescent lighting hum.
GenericOutdoor Electric hum like above with a motor / gas / wind kind of sound in the background. 0 Quiet electric hum.
Cabin Medium-low sound of fire burning or rumbling; soft clicking; a slightly louder four-tick rhythm followed by a release or exhaust sound (ahuugha). 0 Faint banjo-like TV music.
1 Regular melodious whirring sound, like a small engine trying to start or a sump pump kicking in.
cabin_outdoor Faint ambient white noise or rumble with occasional bird twittering. In the background, a faint but noticeable medium low sound that regularly builds up and then drops off before beginning again: wwwwwwwwwwwww - enuu.
test_tvset Music coming from a TV set 0 Banjo-like TV music.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
intro_operatingroom Used for cutscenes only. Active operation room ambience with heart equipment monitor beeping, air breathing, pounding heart sounds and announcements:
(1) Pulse-O-x levels within normal parameters.
(2) CBC Markup now within proper range.
(3) Warning. Cerebral Cortex activity exceeding specified parameters.
(4) BP (Blood Pressure) stable. Systolic rating 125. Diastolic rating 82.
(5) Respiration is stable. Heart rate is normalized.
(6) Administering Betacatedizone.
(7) Warning. Saline drip at 25 percent. Additional supplies required.
(8) Neurovascular activity outside of expected parameters.
(9) Warning. White blood cell count at three times expected range.
(10) EKG system calibrated. Adenophage Sample three-seven-alpha-two ready for administration.
(11) Laboratory Five is under quarantine. Enter at your own risk.
(12) Security clearance seven is required for access to laboratories five through nine.
(13) Sample X-five-three-nine-nine is ready for analysis.
(14) Sector Eight is for authorized personnel only.
(15) Protective gear is required in Laboratories three and nine.
(16) Subject two-eight-three is ready for processing.
intro_operatingroom_alert Operation room ambience with beeping equipment, plays intro.alarmchaos.
intro_hallescape1 Calm industrial hall ambience, plays intro.alarmchaos.
intro_hallescape2 Identical to above.
intro_hallescape3 Identical to intro_hallescape1
intro_outsidelab Very busy street sounds with passing and beeping cars, plays intro.alarmoutside and quiet intro.alarmchaos.
intro_dreamroom1 Gentle echoing and lapping water sounds.
intro_dream2 Used for cutscenes only. Plays a loud immersive 13 second sound effect whereafter everything gets quiet.
intro.tunnel1 Busy tunnel traffic sounds with cars passing by.
intro.tunnel2 Tunnel traffic together with often distant car horns, car truck bumps and cars passing.
intro.tunnel3 Almost identical to above, just a bit quieter.
intro.city_light_traffic Busy city sound effect with traffic of beeping and passing cars etc.
intro.sintekstop Constant running ventilation system, computers beeping, city ambients and plays SintekSecurityStopChatter radio chatter.
SintekSecurityStopChatter Utility soundscape. Random radio chatter:
(1) *Beep* The time is now five-thirty AM, all SinTEK checkpoints report in.
(2) Remember, infraction collections are an important part of traffic control in all SinTEK sectors.
(3) Reminder, report all infractions immediately to SinTEK dispatch.
(4) SinTEK checkpoint Alpha Nine, please report current stoppage log.
(5) All external security forces must be scanned per SinTEK directive.
(6) SinTEK dispact, I need a code four three at checkpoint Delta Two.
(7) This is sector 15 reporting in, traffic patterns normal.
(8) Sector 5 reporting in, we've got an infraction here, send over a tow unit ASAP (as soon as possible).
intro.riverpass Constant wind with distant city sounds.
intro.docks_overview Busy dock sounds including beeping backing trucks, distant cars, vehicles passing and rustling wind.
intro.loading_area Busy dock area together with various truck sounds and announcements. 0 LoadingAreaPAChatter announcements.
intro.loading_area_secstation Similar to above but quieter and with louder computer beeping sounds. 0 Distant LoadingAreaPAChatter announcements.
intro.loading_area_inside Similar to intro.loading_area but quieter and with indoor generic ambient. 0 Distant LoadingAreaPAChatter announcements.
LoadingAreaPAChatterTwo Utility soundscape. Random announcements:
(1) All pickups and deliveries must be logged at the Receiving office.
(2) Universal Trucking representative, please report to Receiving office.
(3) All drivers, please remember to transmit a record of all delivery IDs.
(4) Automated guided vehicle system pathing online, ready for transport.
(5) Automated guided vehicle system reporting obstruction, work crew please respond.
(6) Pallet load station West requires supervision, who will respond?
(7) Fixed read station Beta now admitting cargo.
(8) Inventory item tracking station 3 online.
(9) Please proceed to manifest recording station, 0 4 1
(10) Container transit from area 5 to area 2, please acknowledge.
LoadingAreaSFX Utility soundscape. Often trucks passing, trucks braking and large metal bangs.
LoadingAreaPAChatter Utility soundscape. Almost identical to LoadingAreaPAChatterTwo but louder and more frequent.
LoadingAreaRADIOChatter Utility soundscape. Random radio chatter:
(1) Transhipment via Singapore ICC ready for unloading at pier six.
(2) Cargo tracers active, please record gps location.
(3) Cargo restriction code hazard registered in area two, who will respond?
(4) Cargo tracer not responding in at fixed read station Alpha, who will respond?
(5) High cube container staging area ready for loading, team Alpha please relocate and commence.
intro.pipejunction Similar to intro.loading_area but a bit quiter and with steam running through pipes.
intro.alarmchaos Utility soundscape. Continues beeping alarm alongside often distant explotions and announcements:
(1)(13)(14)(15) Unauthorized Personnel detected in research corridor one.
(2) Security personnel required.
(3) Security breach on research floor. Laboratory four has been compromised.
(4) Warning. All SinTEK research personnel, evacuate the facility.
(5) Warning. Fire detected in Laboratory Five. All personnel evacuate immediately.
(6) Fire suppression system engaged.
(7) Warning. Thermocarbon temperatures reaching critical.
(8) Warning. Laboratory integrity compromised.
(9) Warning, intruder detected at medlab alpha five.
(10) Alert, fire suppression systems active, all personnel evacuate area.
(11) Security teams, report to medlab alpha five immediately.
(12) Facility has been breached by unknown agent, commence security lockdown.
intro.alarmoutside Utility soundscape. Alarm constant beeping, often loud explotions and police alarms passing close-by.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
docks.newintro_distant Loud running pipe water with distant dock sound and docks.intro_pa announcements.
docks.newintro_martin Distant dock sounds with very quiet docks.intro_pa announcements.
docks.newintro_aftermartin Identical to docks.intro, just a little quieter.
docks.intro_set Busy city dock atmosphere with boat horns, seagulls, distant metal work, trucks and cars beeping in the distance.
docks.intro_distant Similar to above but with docks.intro_pa announcements.
docks.intro Identical to above but with a little quieter dock ambience.
docks.second_intro Very busy dock with lots of work going on and often docks.intro_pa announcements.
docks.intro_docktop_amb Distant welding, a fluorescent lighting hum and docks.intro_pa announcements.
docks.intro_docktop Similar to above and with busy dock ambience.
docks.intro_ambush_top Constant beeping alarm with fluorescent hum, docks.intro_docks_grunts yelling and docks.chase_pa announcements.
docks.under_docks Far echoing alarm with lapping water sounds, docks.intro_docks_grunts_water yelling and docks.chase_pa announcements.
docks.tunnel1 Underground sewer ambience, echoing alarm, docks.chase_activity yelling and docks.chase_pa announcements.
docks.tunnel2 Dominant underground sewer ambience, distant echoing alarm and docks.chase_activity yelling
docks.tunnel3 Large sewer tunnel atmosphere with very frequent docks.intro_docks_grunts and docks.chase_activity yelling plus quiet alarm.
docks.jessroom Sewer system with very loud running pipe water, dripping, steam release sounds, and docks.chase_activity2 yelling.
docks.hall1 Active ventilation system and very far away docks.chase_activity2 yelling.
docks.infirmary Enclosed area wind, announcements and extremely quiet docks.chase_activity2 yelling. 0 docks.infirmary_pa announcements.
docks.loading Enclosed allyway with loud running truck, distant constant alarm and docks.loading_pa announcements.
docks.action_oustside1 Constant water bubbling / pipe water loop.
docks.warehouse1 Interior. Generator loop being constant a steam release, distant alarm, frequent catwalk running and docks.warehouse1_pa announcements.
docks.warehouse1_attack Identical to above.
docks.warehouse1_vend Interior. Constant steam release with vending mechines:
(1) Delicious Grape- Drink More!
(2) Grape- ninjas love it, and so should you!
(3) Drink Hammer Cola- Get Hammered!
(4) Nail the day in with another Hammer Cola!
(5) Thirsty? Hammer It!
(6) Who knew it could be SO GOOD- Grape!
0 Vending machines.
docks.alley1 Exterior with a running truck / industrial ambience and a distant alarm.
docks.hall2 Quiet and calm indoor industrial atmosphere.
docks.vendingledge Very calm outdoor enclosed area with vending machines. 0 docks.warehouse1_vend vending machine sounds.
docks.outside_physpuzz Close by docks and windy ambience.
docks.harbor_edge Lapping water, wind, ship horns, seagulls and distant unintelligible announcements.
docks.harbor_edge_path Almost identical to above with the seagulls being a tiny bit quieter.
docks.harbor_edge_pow Busy distant dock atmosphere, lapping water, seagulls, ship horns and distant unintelligible announcements.
docks.lighthouse_inside Running motor like ambience with every so often lighthouse searching sounds.
docks.harbor Lapping water sounds, quiet seagulls, ship horns and echoing unintelligible announcements.
docks.dockside Interior. Lots of lapping water with distant ship horns, bells and metal bangs.
docks.dockhouse1 Interior. Calm wind and lapping water.
docks.dockhouse2 Identical to above but with louder water lapping.
docks.warehouse2 Industrial atmosphere, distant beeping alarm and docks.warehouse1_pa announcements.
docks.warehouse2_attack Similar to above and with docks.intro_docks_warehouse2 yelling.
docks.warehousealley2 Quiet running active air conditioner like ambience.
docks.crazymachineroom_attack Similar to below but with docks.intro_docks_deathmachine yelling.
docks.crazymachineroom Generic indoor industrial atmosphere.
docks.crazymachineafterhall Identical to docks.warehousealley2.
docks.afterhallvending Industrial indoor ambient with active vending machines. 0 docks.warehouse1_vend vending machine sounds.
1 Vending machine motor hum.
docks.carpethall Calm indoor ambient and very distant docks.chase_activity2 yelling.
docks.carpetsecurity Indoor atmosphere, computer beeping and phone ringing. 0 Computer beeping noises.
docks.docksoutside Relatively calm atmosphere with distant dock work, a constant alarm and docks.chase_pa announcements.
docks.carpetoffice Very quiet indoor white noise.
docks.tilehall Calm indoor vent hum.
docks.outsidepipes1 Heavy running machinery, quiet lapping water and random far away ship horns.
docks.turbineroom_one Active loud generators, random steam releases and docks.powerplant_pa announcements.
docks.turbineroom_one_vending Close-by running generators and vending machines. 0 docks.warehouse1_vend vending machine sounds.
docks.turbineroom_one_ctrl Similar to docks.turbineroom_one but also with computer noises and beeping. 0 Computer beeping.
docks.pipehall_one Constant vent noises with very often distant heavy machinery sounds and steam releases.
docks.distant_pipehall_one Steam quietly running through pipes.
docks.genroom_water Identical to docks.warehousealley2.
docks.genroom_attack Similar to below but with docks.intro_docks_turbines yelling.
docks.genroom Constant running turbines, loud frequent steam releases and heavy machine noises, and docks.powerplant_pa announcements.
docks.genroom_monitor Similar to above but with computer beeping instead of heavy machinery. 0 Computer beeping.
docks.aftergenroom Identical to docks.warehousealley2.
docks.lower_railyard Gently water lapping, industrial windy ambience, seagulls and announcements:
(1) Attention, rail system activity has been suspended due to security alert.
(2) Rail shipment loading has been cancelled until further notice.
(3) All rail yard personnel, facility emergency has been declared, proceed to safe areas.
(4) Freight movements halted due to facility lockdown.
docks.crane_inharbor Exterior. Calm industrial ambience and announcements:
(1) All emplyees, stay clear of trolley area while crane is active.
(2) Reminder, crane outreach limited to 200 feet.
(3) Reminder, crane lifting capacity limited to 75 long tons.
(4) Log all containers at transit storage.
(5) Operators must sign in before operating gantry crane.
docks.midlevel Similar to docks.lower_railyard but without any water and quieter.
docks.powerplanthall Similar to docks.turbineroom_one but quiter and with more wind.
docks.crane_highlevel Similar to docks.crane_inharbor and with quiet seagulls.
docks.railyard Heavy industrial atmosphere and docks.lower_railyard announcements.
docks.beach Frequent water crashing shore, wind, ship horns, seagulls and distant unintelligible announcements.
docks.raildock Calm industrial ambient and docks.lower_railyard announcements.
docks.railtunnel Identical to above.
docks.raildock2 Identical to docks.raildock.
docks.finalwarehouse Interior. Loud heavy industrial machinery with constant steam releases, a beeping alarm and announcements:
(1) Authorized personnel only- violators will be shot on sight.
(2) Maximum security protocols to be observed at all times.
(3) Warning, unauthorized personnel will be shot on sight.
(4) Security location alpha on highest alert.
druglab.intro_foyer_alarm Calm windy ambience and a constant beeping alarm.
docks.finalwarehouse_outside Quiet water gently crashing shore, alarm beeping in the distance and industrial wind.
docks.low_bangs Utility soundscape. Frequent large metal bangs, ship horns, ship bells and trucks.
docks.distant_work Utility soundscape. Random echoing sounds of heavy industrial work with hammering and pipes being dropped.
docks.gulls Utility soundscape. Quiet seagulls calling.
docks.gulls2 Identical to above but louder and more rare calls.
docks.workset Utility soundscape. Random distant industrial work with ship horns, metal bangs and seagulls.
docks.intro_pa Utility soundscape. General dock announcements:
(1) Dockmaster supervision required, keel blocks ready for positioning.
(2) Reminder, double check all spot-welding to ensure proper plate position.
(3) All personnel must wear shielded eyewear during welding- ultraviolet radiation burns retinas.
(4) Safety reminder, avoid thermal welding burns- use your spark shield.
(5) Requesting crane operations for erection unit nine.
(6) Remember to always leak test gas torches, gauges, and hoses.
(7) Remember, safety is everyone's job. It has been THREE days since the last injury report.
docks.chase_pa Utility soundscape. Lockdown announcements:
(1) All personnel, security protocols active, move to safe area and wait for all clear signal.
(2) Attention, facility currently under attack, report to emergency stations.
(3) Alert, SinTEK has declared martial law in area, evacuate immediately.
(4) All All personnel, lethal force has been authorizied, remain at your stations for your safety.
(5) Security protocols active, manifest recording stations inactive. West pallet load station now under lockdown.
(6) Warning, safety status of area is code red, all employees evacuate until further instructions.
(7) Warning, SinTEK security forces have entered the sector, all employees report to designated safe areas.
docks.infirmary_pa Utility soundscape. Health releated announcements:
(1) Injured personnel must report to a Medstation immediately.
(2) Used Arsnabiotic canisters must be disposed of properly.
(3) All Medstation use must be reported to management via incident report.
(4) Remember, report any injuries and report to a Medistation as soon as possible.
(5) Arsnabiotic injection is safe and easy, remember to apply immediately to injuries.
docks.warehouse1_pa Utility soundscape. Security announcements:
(1) East Maintenance Area currently under security control.
(2) Maintenance exits locked per security protocols.
(3) Vehicles prohibited from entering or leaving maintenance area during lockdown.
(4) Incursion in progress. All personnel report to safe areas.
(5) Alert, law enforcement action taking place. Evacuate area immediately.
(6) Warning, weapons fire reported, all personnel exit area.
(7) Security protocols activated, facility is in lockdown.
docks.harbor_pa Utility soundscape. Highly echoing (large area) and unintelligible warning announcements:
(1) Attention, Freeport Harbor is now under security lockdown. All employees report to secure areas.
(2) Warning, Security has declared martial law in the harbor sector. Please evacuate facility.
(3) Alert, all shipping activity has been suspended due emergency status.
(4) Harbor lockdown in effect, all transit prohibited until further notice.
(5) All water vessels have been rerouted due to security emergency.
(6) Harbor access currently restricted to security personnel only.
(7) Private watercraft prohibited from entering or leaving harbor due to state of emergency.
docks.loading_pa Utility soundscape. Loading bay lockdown announcements:
(1) Loading dock activity is suspended until further notice.
(2) Security procedures in place, dock area is off limits.
(3) All personnel evacuate area, security alert.
(4) External drivers are prohibited from entering secured area.
(5) Shipping and receiving area offline due to security controls.
(6) Delivery import and export activities suspended for duration of security action.
(7) All vehicle loading bays and transation systems locked down due to security alert.
docks.killermachine_pa Utility soundscape. Storage area warning announcements:
(1) Warning, container loading machinery on manual override, exercise caution.
(2) Warning, safety protocols disabled, enter facility at your own risk.
(3) Security procedures in effect for all facility storage areas.
docks.powerplant_pa Utility soundscape. Power releated announcements:
(1) Attention, turbine monitoring station unattended. Personnel please report to station.
(2) Generator power distribution out of balance, please adjust power loads.
(3) Switching operator, please adjust current line loads.
(4) Pilot board status unknown, personnel please report to pilot board station.
(5) Transmission grid system online and operating at 95% efficiency.
(6) Transmission circuit status normal, all substations online.
(7) Transmission phase alignment adjusted by .014 degrees.
(8) Turbine compression levels nominal.
(9) Outflow rates ajusted for peak load period
(10) Penstock flow rate two thousand cubic meters per second, holding.
(11) Turbine speed at 97 RPM and climbing.
(12) Tailrace integrity holding steady.
(13) Hydraulic head adjusted for maximum turbine output.
(14) Magnetic field strength at maximum of coil capacity.
(15) Rotor strain is nominal.
(16) Inductors online, conversion is steady.
(17) Pilot board room access active.
(18) Walkway extended, use caution.
(19) Warning, automated door systems offline, manual operation required.
(20) Warning, pump area purge commencing, all personnel evacuate.
docks.harbor_misc Utility soundscape. Very similar to docks.low_bangs but quieter and more rare sounds.
docks.chase_activity Utility soundscape. Often echoing running on metal surfaces and enemy ambush yelling:
(1) There he is!
(2) There is no escape!
(3) I got you now!
(4) We got him cornered, keep in pursuit.
(5) Cut him off!
(6) Get him!
(7) There!
(8) Go go go!
(9) He is over there!
(10) Move move move!
(11) Move it, move it!
(12) Move move move, let's go!
docks.chase_activity2 Utility soundscape. Identical to above but with the yelling being more distant.
docks.machine_hits Utility soundscape. Almost constant loud and heavy ambient machinery noises.
docks.distantruns Utility soundscape. Very often distant running on metal surfaces.
docks.machine_hits2 Utility soundscape. Often close industrial machinery sounds.
docks.intro_docks_grunts Utility soundscape. Loud echoing enemy ambush yelling:
(1) He is still running!
(2) You are never gonna make it!
(3) Cut him off!
(4) I got a 20 on Blade, i need backup!
(5) Need backup!
(6) We got him trapped!
docks.intro_docks_grunts_water Utility soundscape. Loud echoing enemy ambush yelling:
(1) He is still running!
(2) You are never gonna make it!
(3) Cut him off!
(4) He is heading for the sewer tunnel!
(5) Shoot the boards!
(6) I got a 20, he is under the boards!
(7) Check the water! Check the water!
(8) I got a 20 on Blade, i need backup!
(9) Need backup!
(10) He is in the water!
(11) We got him trapped!
(12) He is down there, we got him!
docks.intro_docks_warehouse Utility soundscape. Loud echoing enemy ambush yelling:
(1) He is moving into the warehouse!
(2) Watch it, he is moving back into the warehouse!
(3) He is moving to the exit!
(4) Secure the exists!
(5) He can't hide in here forever!
(6) Keep an eye on the alley, don't let him out!
(7) I got a 20 on Blade, i need backup!
(8) Need backup!
docks.intro_docks_warehouse2 Almost identical to above but with this replacing number 6:
(1) He is inside!
docks.intro_docks_deathmachine Utility soundscape. Loud echoing enemy ambush yelling:
(1) He is moving into the warehouse!
(2) Watch it, he is moving back into the warehouse!
(3) He is moving to the exit!
(4) Secure the exists!
(5) Watch your fire! Everything in here is explosive!
(6) Drop the barrels on him!
(7) Lock him in!
(8) You are not going anywhere Blade!
(9) Assault pattern delta!
(10) Flank his position!
docks.intro_docks_turbines Utility soundscape. Loud echoing enemy ambush yelling:
(1) He is moving into the warehouse!
(2) He is at the turbines!
(3) Lock him in!
(4) Light him up!
(5) He is coming around!
(6) Don't let him out!
(7) There is no way he is getting out of here!


Name Description Position Number Position Description
druglab.intro_foyer Very calm generic ambience.
druglab.intro_hallway Corridor wind and druglab.intro_nags announcements.
druglab.intro_ambush Hallway ambience, loud beeping alarm, frequent running and distant docks.chase_activity yelling.
druglab.intro_security_room Quiet running computer, random computer beeping and noises, and druglab.securityroom_nags messages.
druglab.intro_stairs_down Odd water room ambience and frequent talks going through the walls.
druglab.lunch_area Calm indoor tone, talks heard through walls and druglab.lunchroom_nags announcements.
druglab.lunch_prep_area Similar to above but set in a kitchen envionment.
druglab.hatch_area Strange and weird water room ambience, presumely created from the ship itself.
druglab.hatch_inside Very enclosed water area with steam pipes and quiet water bubbling.
druglab.hatch_above Active generator sounds.
druglab.hatch_downstairs Heavy running machinery releasing steam.
druglab.bilge1 Abandoned lower part of the ship with lots of water. Water lapping, wind hissing, metal groans, random distant howls and dripping.
druglab.bilge2 Identical to above.
druglab.bilge_exit Industrial abandoned water area with sounds of heavy machinery releasing steam.
druglab.bilge_exit_machines Constant running machinery tone.
druglab.industrial_ambience1 Strange ship atmosphere, often steam releases and druglab.industrial_nags announcements.
druglab.industrial_nags Utility soundscape. Industrial announcements:
(1) System temperature nominal.
(2) Pipe integrity holding at 95 percent.
(3) Pressure within system constraints.
(4)(6) Pumps regulating at full potential.
(5) Safety equipment must be worn at all times.
druglab.intro_nags Utility soundscape. Intruder announcements:
(1) Unidentified personnel in main entrance area.
(3) Please submit to identity scan.
(4) Sec force unit Alpha mobilize to entrace.
(5) Security forces mobilized, respond Victor-Alpha-Five, intrusion alert.
(6) Turret offline, personnel report to turret position Alpha.
(7) Warning, identity failure, submit to security forces immediately.
druglab.securityroom_nags Utility soundscape. Security and intruder announcements:
(1) Result of intrusion alert unknown, please enter result.
(2) No response from Station Zero, sec teams investigate.
(3) Station Zero, please report status.
(4) Current scan load negative, please calibrate entryway.
(5) Security team, please recalibrate entrance scan, circuit incomplete.
druglab.lunchroom_nags Utility soundscape. Lunch and food releated announcements:
(1) Break time limit is five minutes. Violators will be disciplined.
(2) Failure to restock cold beverages is a capital offence.
(3) Employee limit is two cups coffee, one sugar snack. Blood sugar will be urine tested.
(4) Cold storage purge takes place every Friday. Remove items beforehand.
(5) Warning, only SinTEK drugs may be consumed on the premises. Failure to comply will result in termination.
(6) Snacks must be consumed in this area only.
(7) Think- is this great for the company?
druglab.serverroom_nags Utility soundscape. Lab equipment announcements:
(1) Viral expression vectors nominal, mutagen strategy executed.
(2) Polymer-drug dispersion systems online.
(3) Vessel agitator position rotated to match injection system.
(4) Cross-Flow Filtration system unbalanced, adjusting flux decay on boundary layer.
(5) Dilating filters to 0.5 mm rated pore diameter.
(6) Asymmetric Synthesis generators receiving catalyst.
(7) Catalyst levels low, increasing load to 100 parts per million.
(8) Storage tank pressure 1500 psi and falling.
(9) Condenser flow rate within expected bounds.
(10) Distillation column temperature nominal.
(11) Starting recirculation pumps for supercritical pressure system.
(12) Reactor systems active at nominal rate.
(13) Temperature variants maintained within constraints.
(14) Turbine RPM within expected standard deviation.
(15) Electrical subsystem amperage sub-nominal, please adjust.
(16) Power levels nominal.
(17) Maintenance crew please report to flywheel lubrication system.
druglab.afterhold_nags Utility soundscape. Quietness announcements:
(1) Reminder, remain as quiet as possible in hold area. Stealth is the key to our operation.
(2) Loud or visible activity is prohibited in the hold area. Violoators will be terminated immediately.
(3) Authorized personnel only within hold area. If you are unsure of your status, check with your supervisor.
druglab.hallway Identical to druglab.intro_hallway, just a bit quieter.
druglab.hallway_two Identical to above but with a lower pitch.
druglab.hallway_three Very quiet corridor ambience.
druglab.server_room_one Constant running computer tone, beeping and occational phone ringing, voices heard through walls from time to time and druglab.serverroom_nags announcements.
druglab.server_room_two Identical to above.
druglab.server_room_three Similar to druglab.server_room_one but more calm without any of voices going through the walls.
druglab.heat_room_one A lot of pipe steam noises, steam releases and druglab.industrial_nags announcements.
druglab.heat_room_hall Similar to above but without any speaker announcements.
druglab.heat_room_low Very loud and a lot of heated steam sounds and constant busts of steam.
druglab.heat_room_high Similar to above but a bit more intense, together with druglab.industrial_nags announcements.
druglab.heat_room_after Similar to above but with the steam being a lot more quiet and distant.
druglab.processing_room Heavy enclosed machinery atmosphere, steam releases and druglab.industrial_nags announcements.
druglab.after_processing_room Calm machinery, metal groans, voices heard through walls from time to time and druglab.afterhold_nags announcements.
druglab.giant_hold Large open indoor area with loud metal groans coming from the ship, water lapping, dripping and wind snippets.
druglab.giant_hold_after Pipe steam, quiet voices going through the walls and druglab.afterhold_nags announcements.
druglab.storage_closet Similar to druglab.hallway_three but quieter.
druglab.attic Windy ambience with very loud metal groans and sometimes distant howls.
druglab.cleanroom Very calm and quiet envionment with occational announcements:
(1) Case-file X-6571 dissection protocol active.
(2) Reminder, all dissections must be logged and recorded per management directive.
druglab.bigmutantroom Strange ship ambient with distant announcements:
(1) Warning, do not feed subject outside of assigned hours.
(2) Reminder, keep hands and feet away from X-5038 pen at all times.
(3) Warning, subject X-5038 poses an extreme personnel risk. Maintain security protocols at all times.
(4) Reminder, mutagen flow to subject X-5038 must remain consistent at all times.
(5) Biomass induction procedure scheduled for 0900 hours.
(6) Nested deletions carried out via insert library.
(7) PolyG homopolymeric tracts infused into subject.
(8) Heterozygote insertion and deletion commenced.
(9) Mutation detection protocols active.
druglab.leperkinroom Identical to druglab.hallway_three but with a lower pitch.
druglab.mutantcontrol Generic room tone with announcements:
(1) DNA plasmids assembled and ready for use.
(2) Automated fluorescent dye-terminator sequencing complete.
(3) Custom synthesis systems online, universal primers active.
(4) Universal primers ready for SinTEK vectors.
(5) Genomic DNA gels ready for centrifuge.
(6) Delineation of template base cells initiated.
(7) Transposons ready for insertion.
(8) Warning, do not feed subject outside of assigned hours.
(9) Reminder, keep hands and feet away from X-5038 pen at all times.
(10) Warning, subject X-5038 poses an extreme personnel risk. Maintain security protocols at all times.
(11) Reminder, mutagen flow to subject X-5038 must remain consistent at all times.
(12) Biomass induction procedure scheduled for 0900 hours.
(13) Nested deletions carried out via insert library.
(14) PolyG homopolymeric tracts infused into subject.
(15) Heterozygote insertion and deletion commenced.
(16) Mutation detection protocols active.
druglab.securitystation Identical to druglab.leperkinroom.
druglab.big_industrial Loud active machinery, very often steam being released and announcements:
(1) Pressure within system constraints.
(2) All personnel, monitor fluid actuation at all times.
(3) System temperature nominal.
(4) Safety equipment must be worn at all times.
(5) Pipe integrity holding at 95 percent.
(6) Pumps regulating at full potential.
druglab.prebigindustrial Calm industrial machinery.
druglab.underneath_tram Running computer.
druglab.final_hold Calm industrial atmosphere and distant echoing announcements:
(1) Submersible refueling at seventy percent.
(2) Attention, submersible crew report to loading bay.
(3) Reminder, use caution in vacinity of submersible fuel.
(4) Submersible maintenance procedure complete.
(5) Authorized personnel only in submersible loading area.
(6) Cargo manifest must be updated after submersible loading.
(7) All personnel, this is a restricted area.
(8) Loading arm must be operated by qualified personnel only.
druglab.final_hold2 Large room with water. Often wind hissing and gentle water lapping.
druglab.final_control Very quiet wind with distant druglab.final_hold announcements.
druglab.final_elexis Extremely quiet wind atmosphere.
druglab.final_confrontation Similar to above but with more wind and gentle water sounds.
druglab_esc.final_elexis The ship is set to self destruction at this point. Loud often metal groans, constant alarm going off and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.final_hold Loud metal groans, warning alarm, and plays druglab.final_hold and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.final_control Almost identical to above but with more ambient wind.
druglab_esc.hallway_two Loud metal groans, distant running, a distant and close alarm beeping, and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.prehall Similar to druglab_esc.final_control but with ambient fire and another alarm type.
druglab_esc.securitystation Relatively calm, ambient fire, distant beeping alarm and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.prebigindustrial Industrial machinery with distant alarm beeping, random people passing and quiet druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.big_industrial Somewhat calm with occationally running, a distant alarm and far away druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.giant_hold Loud echoing metal stress, wind snippets, water lapping, somewhat distant alarm and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.after_processing_room Quiet windy ambience, loud alarm, large metal groans, ambient fire and druglab.afterhold_nags and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.processing_room Heavy industrial machinery, steam releases, loud beeping alarm, metal groans, ambient fire, and druglab.industrial_nags and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.server_room_two Quiet running computer noises, telephone ringing, alarm sounds, loud metal groans, and druglab.serverroom_nags and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.heat_room_high Loud heated pipe steam being released, a beeping alarm near-by, loud metal groans and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.intro_hallway Constant alarm beeping, loud metal stressing sounds, ambient fire, and distant druglab.intro_nags and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.hallway Beeping alarm, metal groans, ambient fire, people being attacked and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.verticaltrans Very similar to above but without anyone being attacked.
druglab_esc.bilge_exit Loud metal groans, alarm beeping frequently, heavy machinery releasing steam and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.final_tunnel Out of the ship's hull. Beeping alarm, frequent loud metal stress sounds, people howling and being attacked, and druglab_esc.warningone announcements.
druglab_esc.distantexplosionset Utility soundscape. Different kinds of close echoing explosions.
druglab_esc.alarm1 Utility soundscape. Echoing light alarm sound with too what sounds like someone saying alarm at the end, stopping and starting over.
druglab_esc.alarm2 Utility soundscape. About one second flat alarm sound, then stopping for a bit and starting over.
druglab_esc.alarm3 Utility soundscape. Similar to above but with a kinda deeper pitch.
druglab_esc.alarm4 Utility soundscape. Ten small beeps after eachother and then a short wait before starting over.
druglab_esc.siren Utility soundscape. Very fast beeping noises.
druglab_esc.amb_fire Utility soundscape. Ambient, echoing and enclosed like sound effects of a room being in flames.
druglab_esc.distantrunbys Utility soundscape. Very often distant running on metal surfaces.
druglab.distantwalla Utility soundscape. Frequent quiet talking and voices heard through walls.
druglab_esc.warningone Utility soundscape. Echoing announcements:
(1) *Alarm* Recombinant facility unlock override initiated.
(2) Warning, mutant containment doors open, status unknown.
(3) Warning, motion detection systems malfunctioning, high number movement detected.
(4) *Alarm* Facility scuttle sequence activated, all personnel evacuate immediately.
(5) *Beep* Employee fatalities detected, please contact health care provider immediately.
(6) *Alarm* Scuttle sequence active, all employees please proceed to exits.
(7) This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill, all personnel evacuate facility immediately.
(8) All employees, be sure to take a Disaster Supply Kit at exit.
(9) *Alarm* Evacuation code signal echo-five-nine, security teams coordinate evacuation.
(10) *Alarm* Evacuate facility immediately, biocontainment failure reported.
(11) *Alarm* Mutant containment breach, recombinant material has escaped holding areas.
(12) Warning, mutagen processing flowgate seals failing. Toxic levels reported in all sectors.
(13) *Alarm* All personnel exit facility immediately.
(14) Processing facility compromised, purging data on all systems.
(15) *Alarm* All employees have TEN minutes to reach minimum safe distance.
druglab_esc.dudeattacked Utility soundscape. Often distant echoing sounds of people screaming from being attacked.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
pit.intro_hallway Quiet hall ambience with distant sound of steps, people being attacked, howls and explotions.
pit.intro_pipehall Industrial underground ambience with steam releases, distant howls and people being attacked.
pit.intro_hall2 calm industrial ambience with people being attacked and distant loud howls.
pit.intro_powerhall Active tunning machine together with other industrial ambient like steam released and people being attacked.
pit.intro_facilhall Generic industrial hum.
pit.pipe_entry Pipe hall ambient.
pit.waterpipes1 Heavy machinery, steam releases, water pipes and constant distant machine hits.
pit.waterpipes2 Burbling water pipe sounds with very distant sound of people being attacked.
pit.narrowpipehall Boiling water pipe sounds with heavy machinery, steam releases, distant howls and loud frequent unintelligible talks from people being attacked.
pit.verticalpipes Loud running water, heavy industrial machinery, steam releases, and nearby howls and screams.
pit.narrowpipehall2 Generic machinery sounds.
pit.duct1 Wind howling and quiet distant machinery.
pit.roomofdoom Burbling water sounds with people howling, being attacked and quiet industrial machinery.
pit.roomofdoomw Identical to above but with quiter burbling sounds.
pit.roomofdoomp Moderate burbling water sounds with people howling, being attacked and a heavy running machine nearby.
pit.brickhall A continues loud and close running machine with people being attacked and quiet burbling water.
pit.tilehall Quiet vent sounds.
pit.tilehall2 Identical to above.
pit.tilehall_pow Loud water running through pipes and very quiet construction site sounds.
pit.duct Looping vent motor with occational quiet wind.
pit.quadralex Busy construction site like sound effects.
pit.after_quadralex Loud tunnel wind with burbling water, and people howling and being attacked.
pit.firsttunnel Loud burbling water with with people howling and being attacked, and very quiet wind.
pit.firsttunnel_trans A mix between the one above and below.
pit.maze Loud construction site sound effects with metal bangs and distant work.
pit.low_bangs Utility soundscape. Random quiet metal bangs.
pit.distant_work Utility soundscape. Frequent distant heavy work with metal clang, hammer hitting noises and heavy things being moved.
pit.aftermaze Identical to pit.maze.
pit.drivetoctrl Contruction site ambience.
pit.ctrlroom Continous quiet indoor vent wind.
pit.secondtunnel Identical to above.
pit.secondtunnel2 Identical to pit.ctrlroom.
pit.road Windy coast road sounds.
pit.highriseintro Identical to pit.ctrlroom.
industrial.machine_hits Utility soundscape. Frequent loud machine steam releasing and groaning.
pit.distantruns Utility soundscape. Very often distant echoing sounds of people running on metal surfaces.
pit.distanthowls Utility soundscape. Distant echoing howls.
pit.misc_industrial2 Utility soundscape. Random heavy industrial mechine sounds.
pit.dudeattacked_freq Utility soundscape. Loud and frequent echoing unintelligible talks and screams from people being attacked.
pit.dudeattacked Utility soundscape. Identical to above but more rare.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
highrise.start Very quiet indoor ambience and continues alarm beeping.
highrise.secstationone Computer beeping, distant continues alarm beeping and plays SintekSecurityStopChatter radio sounds.
highrise.kiosk Distant looping alarm sounds and announcements:
(1) Welcome to Supremacy Tower. For a company listing and more information, please consult the SinTEK Information Kiosk.
(2) If you require additional assistance, please consult a SinTEK welcome representative.
(3) Welcome to Supremacy Tower, home of SinTEK, a global leader in biotechnology and security services.
(4) All visitors must obtain guest identification from a SinTEK representative. Thank you.
(5) From genomics to security, SinTEK is a global leader in quality.
(6) Tomorrow's future today- enjoy the full range of SinTEK products and services.
(7) From hemoglobin to global health, SinTEK is there.
(8) Making life worth living. SinTEK. Products and services for life.
highrise.pregarage Identical to above just quieter.
highrise.garage Fluorescent light lighting hum, generic indoor ambience, distant alarm beeping, often tyre skid sounds and announcements:
(1) Deliveries accepted in parking structure level three between five and ten am.
(2) Parking structure speed limit is fifteen kilometers per hour.
(3) Parking outside of deignated areas will result in vehicle towing and destruction.
(4) Guest parking validation available at reception area.
highrise.garage_vend Garage ambience and vending mechine sounds. 0 docks.warehouse1_vend vending machine sounds.
highrise.start_hall Enclosed hallway with distant alarm.
highrise.start_utilityhall1 Industrial ambient.
highrise.physplant1 Industrial area with pipes often releasing steam and machine sounds.
highrise.start_utilityhall2 Identical to highrise.start_utilityhall1.
highrise.start_warehouse1 Calm generic industrial hall ambience.
highrise.start_utilityhall3 Loud ambient sounds of pipes.
highrise.start_pipehall1 Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1 but louder.
highrise.start_fanvent Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.atrium Loud busy industrial feel with distant echoing announcement:
(1) Behold the glory of SinTEK.
(2) Enjoy a relaxing break and contemplate ways to help SinTEK.
(3) Relaxation limit is ten minutes. Violators will be terminated.
(4) SinTEK- the way of the future, today.
highrise.atrium_hall1 Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.atrium_hall2 Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.elev_lobby Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.after_lobby Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.after_secroom Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.offices1 Similar to highrise.start_warehouse1 but with occational announcements:
(1) Remain busy at all times. Remember, SinTEK is watching.
(2) Think like the rest. Organizational differences will be located and removed.
(3) Productivity is the key to SinTEK's competetive edge.
(4) Reminder, salaries are computed in real-time based on employee performance.
(5) Be an Employee of the Month. Winners receive a personal appointment with Ms. Sinclaire.
(6) Cubicles will be monitored for cleanliness.
(7) Displays of individual flair will not be tolerated in cubicles.
(8) Reminder, PTS reports must include cover sheets.
highrise.snacks1 Similar to highrise.start_warehouse1 but also plays druglab.lunchroom_nags announcements.
highrise.offices2 Identical to highrise.offices1.
highrise.after_offices Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.up_elevator Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.noc_hallway Similar to highrise.start_warehouse1 but plays the soundscape below too.
highrise.noc Lousy computer ambience with beeping, sometimes phone ringing and radio chatter:
(1) Security station omega three, please respond.
(2) All security teams, facility breach reported, full alert.
(3) All teams, lock down facility exits.
(4) Engange intruder security protocols, all levels.
(5) Secure atrium area immediately!
(6) Automated security units are on patrol, coordinate surveillance use.
0 Computer beeping.
1 Computer beeping.
2 Computer beeping and radio chatter.
highrise.elevator_going_up Very quiet generic ambient.
highrise.elevator_top Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.lower_ledge Calm strong winds and wind gusts.
highrise.emptyhall1 Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.industrialhall1 Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1 but louder.
highrise.storage_room1 Similar to highrise.start_warehouse1 but with strong wind and wind snippets.
highrise.mid_ledge Identical to highrise.lower_ledge.
highrise.mid_ledge_windy Strong outdoor winds and wind gusts.
highrise.heavyindustrial_room Generic indoor ambient with very frequent steam releases and announcements:
(1) Pressure within system constraints.
(2) All personnel, monitor fluid actuation at all times.
(3) System temperature nominal.
(4) Safety equipment must be worn at all times.
(5) Pipe integrity holding at 95 percent.
(6) Pumps regulating at full potential.
highrise.finalhall Identical to highrise.start_warehouse1.
highrise.noc_computing Utility soundscape. Often random computer beeping and phone ringing noises.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
finale.finalhall Strong corridor wind hissing sounds.
finale.outside_ledge1 Calm wind ambient and wind gusts.
finale.windyledge1 Strong winds and constant wind gusts.
finale.firsthealthroom Strong outside winds with a constant high-pitch tone.
finale.undergirders Very strong winds with wind snippets and frequent metal stress sounds.
finale.helipad Alot of strong winds with often wind snippets and metal groans.
finale.rooftop Continous calm wind and wind snippets.
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