List of HL2: lost coast Soundscapes

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Here is a list of 17 soundscapes for use in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

A preview video of these soundscapes can be found here.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
coast_lostcoast.util_headcrab_canister Sounds of headcrab canister.
coast_lostcoast.util_metalstress Randomly metal stress / creaking.
coast_lostcoast.util_shackmetal Quiet metal stress.
coast_lostcoast.util_crumblycliff Sound of rolling and falling stones.
coast_lostcoast.util_windgusts Sound of wind.
coast_lostcoast.util_fardrips Sound of frequent drips.
coast_lostcoast.util_birds Sound of birds singing.
coast_lostcoast.util_lakeshoreline Sound of waves breaking gently.
coast_lostcoast.util_shoreline Sound of strong waves.
coast_lostcoast.util_distant_shoreline Sound of distant waves.
coast_lostcoast.general_oldwoodbuilding Interior. Wood stress, wind gusting, seagulls and waves crashing shore outside.
coast_lostcoast.general_oldwoodbuilding_with_windchimes Same as above but with windchimes.
coast_lostcoast.general_shoreline Sound of waves, birds and windgusts.
coast_lostcoast.positional_shoreline Similar to above, but closer by and a lot more waves. 0 Water waves crashing.
1 Water waves crashing.
2 Water waves crashing.
3 Water waves crashing.
4 Water waves crashing.
coast_lostcoast.cliffside Sound of waves and rolling rocks.
coast_lostcoast.generic_ambient_01 Both close and distant waves crashing, wind gusting and seagulls calling.
coast_lostcoast.distant_shoreline Distant waves crashing, wind gusting and seagulls calling.