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<Half-Life> light_spot is a point entity available in all GoldSource engine games.


A cone-shaped, invisible light source. Can be turned on and off through targets, though switchable lights may cause lightmap errors. This is a static spotlight that can be pointed at another entity.

Note.png Note: Use an info_null entity to have your light_spot point to a certain spot.

Key values


Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.


Brightness <color255 + int>
The RGB color and brightness of the light. Colors must be between 0 and 255; brightness can be anything.
Appearance <integer>
  • 0 : Normal
  • 10 : Flourescent Flicker
  • 2 : Slow, strong pulse
  • 11 : Slow pulse, noblack
  • 5 : Gentle pulse
  • 1 : Flicker A
  • 6 : Flicker B
  • 3 : Candle A
  • 7 : Candle B
  • 8 : Candle C
  • 4 : Fast strobe
  • 9 : Slow strobe
Custom Appearance <string>
A string of characters, like a sequence of piano keys, that define a pattern of brightness. a is dark and z is full intensity. Applies only to lights with a targetname.
Inner (bright) angle <integer>
The angles of the inner spotlight beam.
Outer (fading) angle <integer>
The angles of the outer spotlight beam.
Is Sky <integer>
Whether or not this light should be used as sunlight cast from sky brushes. Identical to light_environment.
  • 0 : No
  • 1 : Yes
Target <target_destination>
The name of an entity in the map that the spotlight will point at. This will override the spotlight's angles.


Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.
Pitch <angle>
Overrides the pitch value in Angles, even if left at 0, so it needs to be specified. Contrary to Angles, the rotation of this pitch is measured counter-clockwise from the horizontal, so that 90 is straight up, while -90 is straight down. (It's simply the negative of a normal pitch value.)

ZHLT Point:

ZHLT Fade <float>
ZHLT Falloff <integer>
  • 0 : Default
  • 1 : Inverse Linear
  • 2 : Inverse Square


  • 1 : Initially dark