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<Half-Life> info_bigmomma is a point entity available in Half-Life. It is a custom navigation node designed for monster_bigmomma's movement.

Key Values


Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.

Big Mamma Node:

Next node <target_destination>
The next node (if any).
Radius <float>
The radius of where the Gonarch can seek this node to go to it.
Wait after approach <float>
How much time to wait for after approaching this nodes (in seconds).
Kill target <target_destination>
The entity to remove on reaching this node.
Fire on approach <target_destination>
What entity should have its input fired when the Gonarch approaches this node.
Sequence on approach <target_destination>
The scripted_sequence to play on approaching this node.
Health on approach <float>
How much the Gonarch's health should be set to on approaching this node.
Sequence before approach <target_destination>
The scripted_sequence to play before approaching this node.


  • 1: Run to node
  • 2: Wait indefinitely

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