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These are guidelines you should follow, so that everyone editing the wiki is happy. Of course, these are just guidelines, and there are exceptions to be made, at your own discretion.


Take care not to leave any page in a broken state! Use the Show Preview button!

Try to not make many individual edits in a row to a single page, it clutters the edit logs.

This is a wiki where nearly any page can be edited by anyone with an account. Prepare for other users to edit your additions, or possibly remove them. In the case your edits are removed, you should have reasoning for your edits prepared.

Page Notices

If you are the creator of a page and someone has added a notice to your page (such as marking for deletion or cleanup), you should seek sufficient reasoning from the adder. Don't just remove the notice because you don't like it, because that's not healthy for a wiki. If the adder of the notice fails to provide you sufficient reason in a fair amount of time, then you may remove it. If they do give reason, the notice should stay on the page until the issues regarding it have been resolved.

Assume good faith

This is something from Wikipedia, that should be followed here too. If someone adds something that is incorrect, do not assume they are a vandal. Falsifying a page isn't a very common form of vandalism, and many edits are the result of personal experience. That said, try to verify it with the person who added it.

User pages

Your user page is basically your own tiny personal website. You can put whatever you want there, but be responsible, inoffensive, and try not to use it as a sandbox.

Please refrain from editing another user's user page, unless it or the user is causing some problem (e.g. spamming).

Talk pages

Sign your messages using four tildes (~~~~). If you do not sign your messages you will get the "unsigned" message of shame added to it later.

Major changes

Some edits can have drastic effects on the wiki. If you feel changes should be made to something important (like changing the functions of a high-use template), find somewhere to discuss changes, as other editors may have objections.

If no one else responds to your message about major changes, wait a while and check where the edit is in Special:RecentChanges. If it's low on the page, consider editing the talk page again to bump it back to the top. If you still have not received any response after a few days (response times can be very long), consider your changes okay to do.


The documentation is there for a reason. READ IT.