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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.

This is the Goldsource version of the Half-Life 2 mod Gangwars 2 The original.


Gangwars was originally a small Quake modification made by Topaz and AeroJ sometime between 1998 and 1999. The game did not garner much success on this engine, but with the rise of Half Life mods, in particular, Counter-Strike, the creators decided to port the game to HL using CS code. The game did fairly well, and overtime built a small community. Gangwars 1.3 was somewhat popular, even voted mod of the week by Planet Half-Life. Plus, it was given the originality award from Mod DB on Sat 4th Jan, 2003. However, during the interim period between Gangwars 1.3 and 1.4, the game's community died out, leaving only a few dedicated and talented players who played the game on personally hosted servers. With the beta testing of Gangwars 1.4, these few players were given full rights to administrate the Official Server. They formed a single super clan, the "Syndicate," and ran the Gangwars community until they eventually split.

Gangwars 1.4x was the most successful development cycle of the game. However, due to the lack of updates and lack of server diversity, the community once again dwindled down over time. Sometime after the release of Gangwars 1.44, some community members banded together and formed the "Gangwars Alumni," which set out to modify what they could to improve the game and keep it alive. With the game based on ancient CS code, updating everything about the game was a necessity to any new releases. The Gangwars Alumni was given the full right to update and expand Gangwars by Topaz, who gave the new team the old SDK in July 2003. They were also given permission to move to the Source engine at a later point, also by Topaz.

To date the Gangwars Alumni have only released one small update for Steam, Gangwars 1.45. In attempting to port the mod to the latest Half Life SDK, a necessity if Gangwars was to have more releases on the Half Life engine. It was found that the game would need essentially a complete rewrite from the bottom up. At that point, the team took a break to consider other options. The Gangwars Alumni have just recently announced that they will be building the mod from the ground up on the Source engine.

Note.pngNote:This history is based on the leader of the Gangwars Alumni's perception of historical events and anecdotes, both that he has experienced, as well as historical background he gleaned from the now defunct website.

Gangwars (Down) is a Half-Life 1 mod. Gameplay takes the form of a Wikipedia icon Team Deathmatch elimination game wherein the boss of the team (wears the drug bag) can respawn teammates, heal himself and players, but is traceable by radar. There are two playable teams, East Coast and West Coast.


Melee: Knife

Pistols: Glock, Beretta, Magnum

SMG's: Mac 10, Kimel, Uzi

Shotguns: Mossberg, Benelli

Rifles: Ak74, M-16, Ak47, KA DR2000, PSG-1

Game Characteristics

Gangwars has a very fast, Quake style of gameplay, with no armor or special weapons available to the player. The game forces players to rely on reflexes and aim. The first two bullets of the automatic weapons in Gangwars are some of the most accurate in all of Half Life.

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